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Couch to 5K
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Just starting

Just done the first run of the first week. Feeling really defeated, I have a medical condition that affects my muscles, so am scared when I am running I will fall. Found that going uphill was easier though so that might be somewhere to start. I also found it so difficult to run for 60 seconds which really disappoints me. Hopefully this will improve through the next few runs though!

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Welcome.. well done and slow and steady :) You are going to be just fine, if you take it gently. Don't push too hard and find your comfortable running pace.

Listen to your body always... take your rest days and pop in some extra strength and stamina exercise maybe on those days too..:)

Keep posting for great support and encouragement. We are right here, ready to help :)

There is some great advice here too :)



I can't comment on your medical condition but what I can say is I'm 47 and had done no exercise for 30 years when I started in September.

Back then 60 seconds of running felt like a breathless, aching eternity.

I havw now graduated and on Christmas eve ran 6k in 45 minutes.

In other words keep at it, you will amaze yourself how quickly you will progress.

Good luck 😁


I am a beginner too! Just started last week and I felt TERRIBLE after my first run. I wanted to give up day one. The community here told me what I am about to tell you.

Don't be defeated you have accomplished so much! The first run is the hardest. You made the choice to get off the couch and out there(with a medical condition nonetheless). That's AWESOME!

You are putting your body through something it hasn't been through before. It's gonna wanna rebel for awhile and that is NORMAL. If it was so hard the first time, with perseverance, you can only improve.

Taking it slow isn't a bad thing. The objective isn't to go fast, it's to finish. The program advises a light paced jog, not a run. If your jog is slower than your walk, that's more than fine. Think, "a snail's pace minus one."

You aren't alone. Find a graduate and go to a post from their last run. Chances are, it wasn't sunshine and pansies.

Not only did you choose to run, but you were also open and honest with the community with how you felt. That takes courage! Anytime you feel down, post on here. That's what we're here for. A lot of these people have walked, jogged, and ran in your shoes.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how much you improve in the future. Great job! Keep it up! :)


Congratulations on starting this wonderful journey to becoming a runner. My only advice above what has already been given is to ensure you've gotten the clearance from your Doctor to start such a program given your medical condition. Also make sure you always have a charged phone with you and let others know where you are going. Choose your routes close to home, doing laps if needed, until you know how your muscles will respond to the increased demand you are putting on them. Take it slow and steady and realize although it is a 9week program, many take longer to complete it, doing it at whatever pace is needed. Take at least one rest day between runs, or likely more, as needed for your condition. Welcome to joining the best running family!

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Try not to panic. I think almost everyone here found week 1 diabolical- I know I did! I honestly did not believe I would ever be able to run for even 5 minutes let alone 30 minutes. Trust the plan and take it at your own pace, you'll be amazed what progress you make.



I thought I might collapse in that first week... still here, two years later, still running :) x


Well done you for getting off that couch lol 😁 there will be good days there Will be bad. If you feel like stopping don't just slow down a little but keep moving. Just keep on till the end... you will be glad you did good luck and post often.


Welcome to a brilliant plan and forum. From all the comments I've read on here since I started in September you are definitely in the majority. I thought it would be impossible but at age 56 I graduated in November.

Keep posting, take it really slow and steady and be sure you take your rest days.

Best of luck and you will be graduating in no time (well 9 weeks anyway)! 👏


Hey - don't be disappointed. Week 1, run 1 is the hardest of the program for many of us as it's a shock to the system. You'll be in the groove in a run or two now that you know what to expect. Keep your runs slow and you'll do great.


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