Couch to 5K

Just starting

I'm 39 and have just finished university. Needless to say all that sitting behind computer screens and stress has left me blob like.

So its a complete turn around time of life now and that includes exercise for self-esteem, more balanced moods, weight loss and fitness - I hope!!

I completed my first session today.

In the past when I've tried jogging, the outer part of my lower leg tightens and causes pain. This happened today, and I hope it won't stop me progressing. I have found some stretches for this muscle area, so will build that into my routine.

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Hello and welcome, the programme is brilliant, has really enhanced my life and helped in so many ways x RE your muscle pain, are you able to get your gait analysed at a running shop and ensure you get suitable trainers, essential kit. Good luck x


Well done for getting out there and doing the hardest part - I'm just about to start W6 and way back at W1 couldn't have envisaged that I would have ran for 20 mins non stop - have faith in the programme and keep on running!!!! Good luck


Welcome on board.

There will no doubt be more aches and pains along the way, don't worry about just part of the learning process. It's amazing how many muscles your body has tucked away you never knew exisited and boy do they moan when they are brought blinking out into the light :-D

Amazing sense of achievement all the way through though, and the aches and pains just make you feel like a real athlete!



I have just finished my first run too - I'm 38 and I hate excercise with a passion. I can't believe that I actually feel quite good after it. Good luck and keep going - we can do it!


Thankyou, these are very encouraging posts.


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