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I just did a 10k!!

Hellooo, I haven't written before - but have read lots of posts, but thought i’d share.

Started Couch to 5k in September, and yesterday I ran a 10k in 1hr 12mins. Can't really believe i did it. In all honestly, I probably should have prepped a bit more - but got all nervous and thought I was going to fail so delayed signing up, ummed and arrred and then 2 days before signed up. Had only run 5k a few times, but was used to running 30mins regularly (ish), and frankly I thought - I couldn't run 45 seconds 9 months ago, and now i'm up to 5k...so surely double 5k is doable. I wasn't aiming for a time, just to finish would be amazing. I didn’t do it with much style - and really was finished by the end. But I proudly crossed the line - which was beyond unthinkable 9 months ago.

Had a super supportive running friend, that just kept telling me I would be fine, i'd do it. and think that's just what got me through. Just repeatingly telling myself I could do it.

Sooooo - just thought i'd say - keep going guys....we're all trying and we're all doing a lot more than we used to. It's worth it. I'm a better shape, fitter, feel better. Running on a sunny evening is glorious. Running down hills in the shade is the best. And the other bits are tough and make you want to give up -but keep going. We can do it.

Can’t recommend Couch to 5k enough…oh and if your app on your phone is buggy - delete and redownload. New one is easier to use and crashes less :)

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Nice one!!! I'm starting W8 tonight and have signed up for a 5k in September, I'm also contemplating signing up for a 10k in November but wasn't sure, your post may be the push on that I needed, so thank you and keep it up


The google says 8-10 weeks is a good time for moving between 5-10k...so if that's accurate you'll smash it. Go for it. The worse comes to the worse you can always walk :)

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Wow! Great time. Well done - it's a great achievement. Happy running.


Well done on your achievement.

Let me reset expectations for the newer runners who will see your post. The way that we'd recommend approaching a 10km run is:

1) Complete C25K so that you are comfortable running for 30 minutes.

2) Spend some time (several weeks or months) consolidating your running. Run 30 minutes, three times per week, and perhaps avoid the boredom by running intervals (I've used C25k W1 and W2 quite successfully, jogging very slowly when you should be walking, and sprinting when you should be running... expect it to be exhausting). Or some gentle hill-work.

3) When you are ready, follow a '10km' program, perhaps B210K, or the BlueFin program, or just go onto the Bridge to 10km community on this site and find Ju-Ju's plan. Build up to 10km very slowly, and make sure that you have a slow & long run, a 5km run and a shorter recovery run each week.

Don't rush at it, or increase your total running distance by more than 10% each week. Not every run needs to be 10km!

Just saying. We don't want any injuries.


Good advice. Definitely the sensible option.


Sounds like good advice that, thanks


Sound advice...I am the slow and steady follower... as you know:)


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