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W7 done

That's W7 done, looking forward to week 8 on Monday.

Again my 15 year old son came out with me, though he had to stop and walk after 15 minutes, so it was a nice steady pace to accommodate him while he was with me, he then shouted dad I'm beat so I'm walking home.

I carried on, safe in the knowledge that he had his phone, it's not dark and we were only at the back of his nannas.

I upped the pace for the last 10 minutes and managed to cover 4.98k in total.

So pleased right now and I'm gonna ride this high all weekend, but now for a shower, dinner and a well earned beer.

W8, I'm coming for ya 😁

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Oh i love this! Well done Dad!


Thanks, my hope is that through me doing something about my fitness my kids will want to join me at some point.

I may try repeating some of the earlier weeks with them on my rest days, or would that not be advisable?


Not on your rest days . You must take the rest! Perhaps you could walk and they run? Do it so they loop back to you every so often . Otherwise wait until you graduate and use it as your run day

Sign up to parkrun..... they may really enjoy it too!

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I'm still right there with you. I loved Week 7, it felt like the consolidation everyone talks about after graduation. Monday I came home knowing that Friday had not been a fluke, Wednesday I went out able to think of more than just, will I make it to the end? Friday was forecast to be 29 degrees here by lunch so I went out at 6.15. Most unlike me, I'm not good in early hours but I didn't want to be out in heat later. Much more wildlife around ( thankfully just the small stuff, no moose or bears)

As you say, look out Week 8, I'm coming for you!

Ps I have a 19yo daughter home from uni and very unfit. Thinking of getting her started. While she's doing the very early weeks, I thought I might do it same day as my runs so I still get rest days. I can manage an extra few minutes on top of my 28 or 30. She has to agree yet!!

Keep us posted and we'll done👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏃🏻😀


I like that idea, going through the earlier runs with my son after my runs could definitely work.

6 more runs and we graduate, we've got this 😁

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