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Week 7 done, a bit disappointed but a lesson learnt

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So week 7 is complete however I feel a bit disappointed. After running for a full 30 minutes 2 days before I decided to try and do the same again but at a slightly quicker pace.

Things started badly as I forgot my headphones and then I went out to quickly. I was really struggling at 15 minutes but dug deep and got to 25 but had to stop there. Looking at the breakdown of pace I did the first kilometre in 6 minutes, to fast at this stage.

Still I did at least finish the run and learnt a lesson!!!

5 Replies
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I am a fine one to talk, having done the whole of C25k running as fast as I could, but I have since learned that that approach is the typical rookie runner's error. We do say go slow but most of us (males in particular) have a lot to prove (to whom, I know not) and insist on running as fast as we can.

Your body adapts to the demands of running, far more efficiently if you run slowly and after graduation, if you move up to the Bridge to 10k forum or the Marathon and Race support forum, you will find that most people are training on variations of an 80-20% basis, where the 20% is fast and the 80% is at 50-75% effort.

Read this runningarea.com/2017/10/bas... and try slowing down.

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ChrisAllen1Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I will do on both counts, I'm going to run looking at my Strava for the rest of the programme, I think I just got over confident as the last few runs have been good.

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mrrunGraduate in reply to ChrisAllen1

Our confidence is food on the table for physio therapists. I don't say they should not exist, they should be there for sensible types who get injured through bad luck but if you as a previous non active type hit 5min per Km, then you should make acquaintance with the likes of me who, through pushing and not listening, ended up injured (badly) several times.

Now l know, and the key is slow.

And listening to the forum, of course ;(

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But cracking overall pace, and onwards we go

Yup setting out too fast - I keep doing it! But we all learn lessons as we go. Still nice to see you getting there, and you just wont go as fast out of the blocks next time, so more kms in the bank and a nice new lesson learnt. Result

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