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Running- That'll be a cheap sport!

My Flipbelt (and teeny weeny water bottle that fits inside it) arrived today. No longer need to wedge my phone in my bra strap) :)

I totted up what I've bought since starting....

vest top, extra leggings, shorts, rain jacket, new trainers, new sports bra, extra t shirt

Mr Wheels is extremely worried by my new interest in running watches :)

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There's always something that we want...the sun is out therefore I need a different top, it's raining therefore I need to get a arm was rubbed raw by an arm band so a new belt was ordered. I justify it as my reward for getting out there and running three times a week.

Although I am not as bad as my husband as he has a room full of different running shoes for different surfaces/distances, various cycling tops and shorts, various jackets for differing temperatures, wetsuit and spare as he does triathlon (and don't get me started on the number of bikes he feels he needs for different weather conditions!).


There's always powerboating. Or Heliskiiing.

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Everywhere I go I seem to end up in a running shop. No idea how that happened......

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It's nowt to do with him. Get him an tool catalogue to browse 😎

My serious faced husband once called me in from the garden to show me Exhibit A. Our wardrobe rail had collapsed from its moorings under the weight of "all my running clothes". 😁😁😁 ☺️☺️☺️☺️ guilty as charged

When I buy new stuff now I put it in my secret wardrobe. I call it Narnia 😎 Running watch is small, so no worries 🙂


Could be worse I suppose, Could be spending on shoes... Oh ok I'm doing that too :)

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