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W5R1 wet and windy

Well I did it at 5.15am today although I changed the route I do so I got some shelter from buildings instead of running past open spaces. I never understand how whichever way you turn the wind is always against you. It was a bit slower than usual but I kept going and had a free facial wash in the bargain.

Found a lightweight waterproof jacket but peeled my soggy leggings off when I got home although I looked like I had dunked my head in a bucket of water.

Hope it's a bit better on Thursday when I go for the next one

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That sounds like serious dedication - well done 👏🏻


Well done, any info on the jacket pls, I could do with a practical horizontal driving Welsh rain that's breathable.


I went to a cycle shop and got one when I used to cycle to work it's bright orange but it's lightweight wind proof and wateroof it came in handy for running today

You should be able to get one on the internet




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