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Cream crackered update ..beyond c25k week4

Cream crackered update ..beyond c25k week4

Well its been 4 weeks since graduation and ive been flying solo , consolitating my runs with 3x30 mpw . I have had the last week of as my leg muscles and knees were begging for a rest . Last night was the 1st of my runs stepped up by the 10% rule up to 33 minutes. Now last nights run was a real mission , struggled with it all the way through. To be fair to myself , i was out fishing on saturday and got overheated and sun burnt (twat) , so put it down to still possibly not being hydrated enough and still a bit weary with its effects . As i said felt like i struggled all the way through but waboo fitness shows it wasnt so with my readings being what they are , reinforcing my belief that even though dehydrated and tired i still cracked 33 min at distance of 3.75k reasonably well . I suppose its wednesdays run that will be the true measure as by then should be sorted hydration and lethargy wise . ( oh yeah and rehydrate drinks taste absolute pants). A nice 2 mile walk tonight help my muscles out... . Will let you know how wednesday goes ttfn

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Don't forget that the 10% rule applies to your total weekly distance not each run. It's great you have a plan and are sticking to it post graduation.

And yes, ditch the drink stuff. Horrible. You don't need it.


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