Run fat girl run!

Tried day 3 week 1 yesterday and I am annoyed! I only managed 3 of the runs yet the previous 2 days I did at least 4, I seem to have no running technique either as I seem to do a strange clumpy heavy footed trot yet other people seem to bounce along....??. I also dont breathe sufficiently, yawning is the only way to get a good deep breath! I am 18stone so I don't expect it to be easy but grrrr!!!


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  • Keep going i've just done that run , first time I've run the whole 8 mins. Struggled with the first two. Don't loose heart early days the biggest thing is you are out there doing it, however slow the progress its all positives. I for one minute don't think i'll run for 30 mins ! But see how we go

  • Don't worry about a running technique at this stage just concentrate on each running section. Take each minute run slowly, don't set off too fast as you won't be able to keep up the pace. You need to make sure your body and shoulders are relaxed otherwise you won't be able to breathe easily - try shaking your arms down by your side to loosen up.

  • Just keep going, slow down and repeat the week until you can finish. You have made a start and thats the most important thing, well done! the second most important thing is keep going!!

  • I think there will be good and bad days just as with the rest of life. There is something in your post that makes me want to say relax a bit. I have just started but realised breathing was harder when I felt more tense. Be proud of what you have achieved.

  • Good for you at doing it, you will have good days and bad, there are times when you feel no progress is being made, but like others have said on here, relax, take it slowly repeat weeks as necessary and above all enjoy it

  • Keep at it! I really struggled with week 1 my first try. Just repeat until you manage it and the practice will help you get stronger. A slow 'shuffle' run helps me, especially when I start to get out of breath.

  • Well done, getting out there is the hardest part.

    Remember, "You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great"

    That gets me out of the house to start many runs when nothing else is working.

    Every time you go out and try one of the week 1 runs, you are coaching your legs and lungs how to do it. During your rest days ( never skip them) they recover and grow strong. Don't worry about how many times you do it, just keep repeating until you can finish it. People have posted on here that it took them three or four weeks to do Week 1. When they graduate, they are no less a runner than someone who sails through.

    Take your time and celebrate every run, it is always a success.

    Keep smiling, keep posting and never give up.


  • Rosemary1969 - I honestly found the very first week the toughest and repeated it a number of times. I did it in secret ( up back lanes) and would stop if I thought I could see someone approaching. I also thought I would die!! I think the first run took me about 3 hrs to recover from and I was sooooo stiff!!!

    Then one day, I just thought 'sod it!' so what if I can't run fast, so what if people see me. I'm not doing C25k for anyone else's benefit, just mine. When my head changed, the runs became easier but it took time.

    I too am overweight and a similar age to you ( 1969 DOB), but my advice is just do it. As many have said, you've done the hardest bit by starting. I hated running at school, I just couldn't do it and others could, so I let them!!! Stop being competitive with yourself and celebrate every little run you do - I figure my alternative is sitting on my backside, watching tv and probably eating something!!!

    Go girl 😘

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