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From fat forty to Tri girl fifty?

So excited that I have secured a place in next year's Blenheim Park Triathlon. Whilst it is not until June, I now have a clear goal on top of my 3 baby local Tri's in April and May next year:)

I am on wk 6, so the plan is to get some Park runs in over Winter and then maybe join a club early next year to focus on improving the speed.

Already having swim coaching which is going well, can't believe how different I feel since July 1st when this journey started!

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That's fab and great for a focus. Keep us updated with your progress.


Thanks Flump.... Will be a steady slow burn on this I feel, but at least I can reduce the risk of injury that way :)


Great stuff! You're really going for it. From couch to triathlete! Wow


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Signing up for a triathlon while on week 6... you impress me wildly, LadyP! Well done you, and I hope to hear all about the training and the actual events. Wow!


Scary stuff LadyP, just going to hide behind the Couch from whence I emerged a couple of months ago! Very best of luck with the training. What a gal :)


Wow!! that is all.... :-)


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