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New shoes 👟

Thought it was about time I treated myself to some new trainers. I really didn't realise the difference it would make. I took a drive to Advanced Performance Huntingdon road Cambridge for gait analysis. Felt a little strange I've never even been on a treadmill before. The staff there were really nice and very well informed and didn't make me feel like the novice I actually am.

I was asked to run in my old nikes while they filmed me running. They then showed me the footage and you could clearly see how my foot was angled making my legs bowed ( a mess really). I was then told never ever run in these trainers again.

After trying on several pairs of trainers and watching back the video footage the difference was amazing my feet and legs straightened up beyond recognition.

Once we had singled out my top two pairs I tried them running outside and am so pleased with my choice.

I went for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline. And getting a little carried away I even bought proper shorts and a arm band to hold my phone.

I'm not saying it was a cheap day but it was very therapeutic.

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Money well spent.......even if it is painful at the time.


You wont regret! I love my perfectly purple Brooks


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