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Week 5, Run 3...smashed it!

Week 5, Run 3...smashed it!

I actually ran this yesterday. The night before I was waking up and thinking about running for 20 minutes. Each time I woke up I told myself "Failure is not an option and you are going to do this." and fell back asleep.

Yesterday I woke up. The calf muscle I had torn doing hill sprints was hurting, my back was hurting. My body was saying "Don't do this!" my mind said to my body "Shut up, we are doing this."

I just rolled out of bed, got my clothes and shoes on grabbed my phone and went out. No breakfast, nothing. (possibly this wasn't ideal but I was full of nervous energy and just wanted to get the run in)

I open up the front door and it's downpouring with rain. I don't care I say, and also I hope this cheap phone I got from Argos to use while mine is in the shop is waterproof and off I went.

I'd planned my route so the beginning of the run was slightly inclined so that when i ran back when i was more tired I'd be running down hill. That lasted for about eight minutes and then i was on the flat. I was running my usual route so my body was used to the inclines etc... I ran at my normal speed but would have slowed down if i needed it.

The last six minutes someone texted me and the music went off. I tried to get the music back on (I hadn't ran with music in three weeks because of my screen being broken on my phone and it being in the shop all this time) I finally gave up trying to get it working. The last five minutes were up a hill (and down the hill). I looked down and had two min and when I looked down again the program had finished. Then i noticed I had pulled the headphones slightly out of the jack (no wonder I couldn't hear the music OR that the run was finished).

So I didn't have any problems with the run. When I've done this program previously it was always on a treadmill and those are just mind numbingly boring. I noticed the time went by much faster outside.

The picture below is me right after the run. (I had my husband take it)

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Many congratulations to you. That's the biggie and the one where we feel we're runners 🤗

You don't look like you've just run - very composed!


You must be working hard to suppress the ear to ear grin!

Well done, fellow runner.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Gosh.. you look just like a favourite Aunt of mine! You certainly look very cool and calm!

Well done you... I seem to remember writing a post about being awake, off and on the night before this run!

But you did it! Great post and a great run:) the rain too! Bonus points :)

Head for Week 6 with confidence; you are ready for it...just, as ever keep it slow and steady :)

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Thanks everyone!! :)


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