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Week 4 run 1

I am a bit behind but getting there . Only managed one run last week but two so far this week . I am under a lot of stress but even more reason to keep running , need to look after myself . Was quite hard today but managed it . Find the first 3 mins the hardest as breathing all over the place but once thats sorted really mind over matter . Legs a wee bit sore when running but missing my yoga the last week probably not helped. When I used to run with my friend she always made us sprint the last minute and pretend we were going to get a medal , I did this today and it made me laugh , was amazed I had the energy

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Stop right there!!!! You are not, in any way "a bit behind". You, young lady, are rocking it 👏🏼🌟🥇🎉⭐️

Progress is progress, weeks... schmeeeks. We've all heard that age is only a number, well this program is not a nine week program to get you running 5k (too many numbers). It is, in fact, an open ended program to be taken at your own pace and get you running for half an hour and create a life long change. Life, injury, illness and other stuff get in the way, but that's ok. Every time you come back to it, you come back better than last time.

You have the determination and that's all you need to make it.

Congrats on your run, don't stop now!!



Lol , thank you , you are right . I am still keeping it up so should be proud of myself

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This is a, Well Done, medal for you :)

What a great post and a positive attitude.. going out and doing it, despite issues:) Not behind at all.. simply fitting it in to fit your lifestyle and enjoying it too!

Keep it slow and steady and make sure you get the exercises in on your rest days :)


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