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W3 run two

Yesterday eve I completed this found it tough but managed although I was running very very slowly.

I was embarrassed as Wednesday night seems to be when the local running club also run there wee loads of them about sprinting past me. I felt a fool and it has knocked my confidence a lot 😞

One more run of week three left I'm dreading week four when does it get easier??

Here is my video vlog of week one and two

I do this to help with motivation and also document my progress. I am determined even if it is very hard. Maybe one day I will sprint along with the running club instead of huffing and puffing on a three minute run

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Don't worry about what you look like to other runners, they probably don't even see you as they are out there as they are in their own running worlds.

Each week of the programme is designed to challenge and make you work, but each run is also achievable. Once you complete week three you will be ready to move on to week 4.

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You go for it HiddenGem!

I know I'm not a graduate (yet) but when I come across a fellow runner with a bright red face and gasping for breath, I feel nothing but admiration.

I'm sure the runners at the club all think the same about you. They all had to start somewhere.

Hold your head high and jog-on :)

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Why be embarrassed? We all start at the beginning. The running club folks did too bear in mind

You learn to run from a standing start. C25k is a great way of doing it. Crack on!

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