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Ran after 2 months

I took Laura out on the (proverbial) road with me for my first run in 2 months. Turns out I'd forgotten to download the W5R1 podcast to my phone, and I lost network at the gym halfway through the warmup walk. So I decided to just play my own music and run as much as I could, making up my own intervals as and when I needed them.

Turns out I didn't! I was able to run for 20 minutes straight! Knees are fine, I'm only slightly sore, and I MISSED it so much! So happy to be back running :)

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Shivani! Hi!

Great to see your post . How are things ?

I was only, yesterday, wondering where you were. I was reading a post where someone was asking about running in the heat... and I remembered all your posts.

What a good return run too... how super to be back and on form!

Looking forward to some more posts x


Hi floss! Things are good, just been swamped with work so haven't been here much. Hopefully back to running (again)! How are you?

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Glad all is well with you.. I am fine...thank you... trying to keep fit and doing my runs :) Also walking miles and miles with small runner in training:)


Welcome back and WELL DONE on your run! :)


Thank you! :)


Shivani! How nice to see you again! Great to hear you haven't lost it, happy running xx


Thanks curly :)


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