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Avoiding knee injury

I need to pick all your brains! I've suffered with recurring knee weakness for years, for no apparent reason although I am now wondering if it might be as a consequence of what is now a large bunion on my opposite foot - deferred weight or walking stance something. I have been expecting to have problems since starting the programme but amazingly - touching lots of wood - I've only had slight twinges so far. Now here's the bizarre bit: I have no problem at all with it when I'm actually training, but the twinges are coming when I'm not. Nothing major, in fact it's been pretty good of late, but what I don't want is to find myself unable to run for a while because it suddenly 'goes'.

Can anyone tell me why it seems to play up a bit during non-training times & how to avoid full-on injury? Is it worth wearing a knee support? Thanks!

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Daily knee exercises, plus additional 'post-running' knee exercises are your best friend. Don't start wearing a support.

Do these daily:



Hey, thanks for the link, that's great! I actually already do a few of these or something similar just as a kind of instinctive part of my cool down, so that might help explain why it's been ok on those days, as I don't do them on my non-running days!


I've had similar twinges post run and like you I wanted to do something about it before it stops me running! I did a bit of research and I've invested in a foam roller. The muscles in your leg have a big affect on the tension of your knee and the foam roller helps to soften them - So far it seems to be helping! Check out The Run Experience channel on YouTube there's lots of helpful info on knee strength and other injury prevention :) xx

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Thank you ☺


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