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Injury advice

I’m lucky enough to have completed the C25K twice without any injury, but for the last 3 weeks I have begun my half marathon training(3 or 4K runs, four times a week, with 2 back to back days) and seem to have a niggle in my right knee. It doesn’t hurt whilst I’m running but aches during the day and twinges if I turn the wrong way. Does anybody know of anything I can do to help relieve it? Ideally I don’t want to have to rest longer than my training plan says to as I’m currently full of motivation! Sorry for the long post xx

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Go, now, and get it checked out by a Sports Physio.

None of is would wish to give medical advice on this as we are so different and experiences are different. I had a twinging knee, that eventually kept me on the IC for a while... mine was caused by new bouncy running shoes!

my first post after the new shoes, then a subsequent one..

They might interest you...( give you a giggle) and will reassure you that your post is not long!

But.. do get checked out, at this point you really don't want to risk anything that will set you back :)


There are knee strengthening exercises here

Have you been running consistently for long enough to be considering a half marathon? How long have you been running? Have you done lots of other strengthening exercises?

Please don't continue to slavishly follow a training plan without resting part of your anatomy that is giving you signals that all is not well. Listening to your body is a hard won skill, often honed by having suffered injury in the past.

Do you have to run back to back? Can you adapt the plan to keep the pressure minimal?

If you want to get to your HM, then get your knee checked out.

Take care.


Rest it up and see if it gets any better and maybe have a rethink On The four days a week. I cross train so have never trained more than two days a week for a HM but I think it is more than doable at three days a week. One of the reasons I like the myAsics plans are you can change the amount of days you train from 2 - 4 days a week and you can also change the intensity of the training sessions. For your first HM you really just need to work towards completion, pace and time can come afterwards. Have a rest , get some advice if needed and good luck. 😀.


A lot of us get twinges in the knees after running, I do, try strengthening the legs, hamstrings & glutes especially, the main ones that support the knees.

To train for half marathon after graduating only about 6 months ago is being a tad previous, runners legs take a couple of years to build. I take it you've completed loads of 5k runs, and then progress through to 10k runs first. Although as you say, you completed c25k twice with out injury, I Just can't help thinking that you will end up on the IC if you persist in your quest for half marathon distance, so, don't push your luck with overtraining!

Take care!😊


What is IC? Thanks 😁


"Injury Couch" - even worse than our former couch...


I do, a lot. Go see a sports physio, pay them whatever they charge. Your running won't go away but you can stop it for a while if that thing gets worse, as mine did. No fun at all, believe me.


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