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W8 R3 over with ;-)


I really did have to dig deep with this run.... The gremlins were screaming (stop) for the last 8 minutes. I brushed them away and finished the run all tired out.

Now onto the home straight starting Saturday at parkrun ;-)

Onwards and upwards

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Well done Belinda, really well done for making it to the end :)

You're going great guns again! Make sure you get some decent rest tomorrow before your 30 minutes on Saturday - hooray!!

misswobbleGraduate in reply to atomic

If you start flagging just wind it right back and go as slow as possible. It lets your breathing recover and then set off again

Good luck with the Parkrun. Don't go mad will you. You are nearing the end of the programme now so we don't want any dramas!

BelindaukGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you miss... I will take it easy. I don't plan on messing up before the big day ;-)

BelindaukGraduate in reply to atomic

Thanks atomic.... I will rest as best as I can. I'm working a 14 hour shift tomorrow boohooo ;-)

atomic in reply to Belindauk

That's the problem I have! After I crocked my leg on Monday I had to run around on it until 8am the next morning - not much chance for RICE etc... Shifts and rest don't really go together do they? Hope it all goes well - I'm working on Saturday but I'll try to sneak on here to see how you get on!! :)

MidnightBlue in reply to atomic

Thanks for your reply. He wants me to stay off iron for 3 months, and then retest. He is a junior doctor and I don't know why he is concerned about why ferritin is low, as my GP just said to supplement with iron.


Good lass!

Only 3 runs left!! I am off for my 3rd run later...I am hoping that today I will feel better about it than I did on Tuesday. I think you must have borrowed my gremlins! Hopefully they have got lost on the way back ;0).


Not long now it's the home straight all the way... I gave those gremlins a good firm talking too. So good luck and hopefully they have took my advice and bothering someone sat on the couch ;-)

I'm not surprised you found it hard - you've only just got over a bug. Don't be so hard on yourself! You did good!

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