Week 9 (who ever thought that I would write that!) Advice please

My mind turns to beyond next week - well I need something to think about while running FOR 30 MINUTES :)

Ok so here is my plan

1. Graduate (with a very slow time)

2. Run 4 (ish) weeks of 30 minutes x 3 and see how that feels

3. Start increasing by 3 mins a week (maybe 30, 30, 33 etc) until I reach the 5k that I feel I was promised (I know, I know; read the T and C's)

4. Then consolidate and try and speed up a bit.

Does that seem sensible (sorry my question mark has stopped working)

Thank you :)


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16 Replies

  • Okay... well thinking of other things is good :)

    Graduate...Great plan :) Slowly...even better :)

    Maybe then take a few runs, just for pure joy...maybe don't focus right away on times or distance? Many of us had a few runs..just because we could:) We are runners:)

    The 30 minute runs...great idea.... but maybe not every run each week...It can get wearing and by shaking things up, there are ways to continue building up stamina and running strength and keeping motivated:)

    You could vary your run route and your distances....:)

    I started, after my runs for joy, to do all sorts, intervals, strides, everything.. trying different ways to improve running style.. but always trying to consolidate my runs...:) And always including a 30 minute run :)

    Then I made it a bit more structured...starting to do a 3K, 5K and then gradually built up to a magic 7 K... but that was over time:) ( I am older than you remember..) Then obviously moved over to Bridge to 10K and that is a whole other story :)

    Then, also you could, after a few weeks start to incorporate the C25K+ podcasts to help with speed and stamina ..many of us found and still find them very, very helpful.

    Just some ideas... motivation, enjoyment and interest is paramount.. and when I was doing all the things I did, I was building up distance and speed almost without realising it and having a blast , that is why I am still here and loving it!!!

    I am sure you will get loads of replies and you will make the right choice for you.. your journey and your way :)

    I cannot wait for the Graduation party and then to see where your feet take you next.

    Onward and Upward :)x

  • Thanks Oldfloss. Brilliant advice and positive vibes coming at me :)

    You have really helped me on this journey so far- I hope you know that :)

  • You are welcome..I am really glad I have helped in a small way :) x You are going to have terrific fun :)

  • I've just graduated and am currently doing number 2 of your plan to try and increase my stamina. Increasing time seems like a plan - no more than 10% increase per week according to my triathlete husband who has read every book out there (or so it seems). I think I'm currently covering 5k if you include my warm up and warm down walks in so I have a bit of a way to go to 'run' the 5k. So it seems like a similar plan that should work!

    Good luck with your graduation week.

  • Thank you SC1472. Helpful to know that we have similar thoughts on this :)

  • I'd say don't overforward think. We do all tend to boggle our minds at the vista of running opportunities that fan out before us once we have achieved the W9R3 grail. Its a natural thing.

    But in hindsight, I wish I'd just kicked back and enjoyed it for a few weeks before plunging headlong into new plans and distances and so on.

    Get the runs under your belt. Pat yourself on the back for graduating. Splurge on a running watch even. Then just enjoy the freedom of going for a run 3 times a week. Run without headphones and enjoy nature. Let your next move come to you organically.

  • Organic moves.. I love it !

    I may with your permission, use that.. it sounds better than.. right... what now ?

  • Thanks Rignold... that seems uncharacteristically relaxed (question mark)

    I think that having been on a 'programme' I am a bit anxious about being set free, out there and doing what feels right.

    Thanks for the advice. You too have helped me enormously :)

  • Rigs is right,just enjoy the fact that you can run. Well done, you.

    When you do want to increase your duration, just do it on one 'long run' each week and keep the others shorter.

  • Thanks for this advice. Appreciate it and all the other advice you give.😁What does 'shorter' vs 'longer' mean?

    (? Works on phone)

  • must... not... reply...

  • (Mrs Doyle voice) go on, go on, go on

  • I do 2x5k and one long run per week. The long at the mo is about 10-12k, but I will be gradually building back up to 16k over the summer.

    Your shorter runs might be using the C25k+ podcasts, which are time based and many people swear by, but I couldn't stand the music any more and went my own way. You can do what you like....short, fast runs, intervals, run walk....whatever...mix it up and enjoy it.

    It is a great gift to be able to run.

  • Blimey.....

  • I agree with others, variation is the key but also run just because you can, well said Oldfloss

  • Thank you 😊 yes I can!

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