Weekly chat 29 May - 4th June

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week


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16 Replies

  • W5r3 done. Now quite tired. So glad its Bank Holiday and I can justchill the rest of the day. I really had to shut my ears to the gremlins who started immediatley when I realised I was going to have 10 mins outward run into a head wind. Never mind, i gritted my teeth and did it.

    (And had a bit of a chuckle at Laura saying 'If you're finding it hard, slow down'. Lol, if I'd slowed down any more I'd have been going in reverse!)

  • "Never mind, i gritted my teeth and did it." *Applause* You did indeed! Well done, sir!

    Laura does need more tact sometimes. I admit to having said a few choice words to her under my breath, only on occasion. I love her really...

  • So last week 3 runs of 30 on the flat. Stepping Stones.

    This week 3 runs of 30 mins with a hill. W9 R3.

    First run of this week done. No stopping and quicker than the Stepping Stones runs.

  • Hi all. Feeling disappointed with myself. I haven't been out for a run for a week now. Temperatures have been up in the 30s and it's just too hot to go out at lunchtime, which is my preferred running slot. To top it all, this evening I got a two-pack of tiramisu from the supermarket, and scoffed both of them in the car while waiting to pick my son up from his guitar lesson. I would actually have been happy with one but a two-pack was all they had, and I needed to destroy the evidence. I had to use a pen to eat them with because I didn't have anything else I could use as a spoon. That's how low I stooped.

    Anyway I feel horrible now. The supermarket tiramisus weren't even that nice. But I know what I have to do. I'm determined to get an early night so that I can get up and get out there first thing, while it's still cool.

  • Its bank holiday Monday, take it as a treat, draw a line under it and start your week tomorrow. That's what I'm doing after going off the rails a bit today 😀. Rfc x.

  • As Rfc says, don't overthink it, draw a line under it. You are human; you are allowed a few treats! The main thing is you recognise it as a treat and plan your next run! Those tiramisus will be a distant memory after a few kms are under your belt!

    Good luck tomorrow. GO ON, you can do it! And I do agree with going out early in the morning, I've just been out at 6:30pm and it was rather hotter than expected after being cloudy most of the day!

  • I know. Tomorrow is another day. But I do keep thinking I should say "tiramisi".

  • Just so you're aware, since writing this comment, I've eaten somewhere between 5 and 10 Co-op Cornflake Bites, having done a 7km run this evening. No judgement here!

  • Two and a half glasses of lovely red wine here.😉xx

  • Wellllllll, while we are sharing. One Leon fish finger wrap, 4 squares of Cadbury caramel and a glass of wine 😀🍫🍷.

  • As intended I am sticking with my 3 x 30mins runs at the mo while in southern spain (scorchio). Also indulging in vino tinto or two of course, well when in Spain .... etc 😎😎

  • Well, I jolly well got up and did it. Up at six, ran 30 min (stepping stones), showered and dressed by 7.15. It really wasn't that hard, and I know I will have a self-satisfied glow for the rest of the day :)

  • Yay! Well done! Good for you

  • Go SavageMyrtle😊..

    Well done to you. xx

  • Just had a fantastic run! I live in southern Spain and, having had a trip back to the UK, was finding running in the heat now I'm back really difficult. But this morning we went out much earlier, and it felt so much better. I set a much faster pace than I've ever done before and kept it up the entire way - even breaking into a proper run (i.e. not just a jog) for the last couple of minutes. I just wish I knew how to capture this feeling every time!

  • Haven't been able to run this week as had a wisdom tooth taken out last Saturday, but decided to go out for a trial run this morning. Not having been out for a couple of weeks, I went back to week 6 run 2. First 10 mins not too bad, 2nd 10 much tougher - lungs and legs complaining by the end but I kept going. Felt good to be back out there, even if it was on the warm side!!

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