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Week 8 Run 2 but overdressed

Today I completed W8R2 with one of my daughters and two of my grandsons keeping me company. I think I was overdressed today and found it hard going. I've been so used to running in the very cold temperatures since I began this challenge that I didn't think to shed a layer so off I went with my warm leggings under my running trousers on this mild afternoon. Never again! On the upside I may have burned off a few more calories. I began to think I wouldn't make it to the end of the 28minutes but I did....I did....I did. The kids cheered for me too.

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It's easy to overdress, I have been going since September and I still get it wrong. Last night I was out in running tights, long sleeved top, warm jacket and hat and I was boiling!! One day I'll be just the right temperature but not any time soon, and dreading the warm weather coming in, at least for running in.


I had to strip off my fleecey top yesterday mid run as I was just boiling hot - and ran just in my joggers and long sleeve running top.

Think I'm going to need a rethink wardrobe wise very soon as its going to be scorchio running in the 'proper' spring!


Wow that's great, so you've only got 1 more week and then you've finished? Well done :)

Don't have the clothes problem as I run on the treadmill and can't really strip off more than I already do, well not without scaring the family ;)


Yes, Minuette, only four runs left. Can't believe it myself. CaroleC, I'm shocked to be even wishing for cold weather but I agree that it might be easier for running. mirandababes, I am thinking NEW wardrobe. I usually would not class myself as a shopper but I'm becoming strangely drawn to sports shops :)


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