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Chuffed to bits

W1R3 done, and I am so chuffed with myself! I can't believe the difference between R3, where 60 seconds went over so quickly and R1 where one minute=an agonising eternity.

Feeling so upbeat and for the first time I really believe I'll be able to do this!

I really must buy myself some gear though - my tatty old leggings and T shirt are what I was wearing in November at 8 months pregnant!! This may be a daft question, but what should I wear?? Everyone I pass when I'm out is in skimpy little vests but they look like 'proper' runners and the world is not ready for the sight of me in similar gear.

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I run in a pair of leggings and a band tshirts. Only things I have bought is a carry water bottle and a belt to carry keys and phone. Am thinking I should get some properly fitted trainers.

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Whatever makes you get out the door 🚪 🏃 🏃 😆


Get the gear!! I pass runners of all shapes and sizes in running leggings, layered vests and sports crop tops and I think they all look fabulous. Plenty of colour or grey and plain, it's up to you.

I started with some nice stuff from Tesco's fitness range and after picking up a few baggy t shirts I just thought about how Hot /sweaty I feel when I am running and opted for a quick dry vest top or two.

The leggings pull me in which instantly makes me feel better about myself and once in full outfit I do at least look like a runner. Still loving my kit in wk6.

Having the right kit has been mentally inspiring, meant I financially committed- if I spent money on kit I better jolly well get if the coach and use it- and seems to have helped me disappear into the background- oh another runner yawn.

If you feel concerned about size, google "fat girl running" a sassy larger lady who totally rocks her sports looks and just pops out a 12 mile run for fun!


I bought new trainers and figured while I was forking out for them I might as well buy an outfit. Just got in from my first run in my proper running tights and t-shirt and I look fabulous!(A bit lumpy and bumpy, sweaty and red in the face but fabulous 😂🤣)

Thanks for the encouragement.

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You're welcome. Just keep at it now, fake it til you make it! And this whole plan helps you get there for sure. I am amazed I managed 25 mins whilst on holiday yesterday, could hardly mange the 3 min runs earlier on.

See you at graduation xx

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I've just bought new leggings and a skimpy vest thing and I'm as far from being a proper runner as it's possible to be! I figure if I look the part maybe that'll help. And when I can't be bothered to run I think, 'I have to go, I owe it to my trainers', which is silly I know but it works for me 😉

Seriously though, I worry a huge amount about what I look like before I go out but by the time I've finished I'm so happy, I don't care any more.

As Docmum says, whatever gets you out the door.


So much to choose from out there and loads of bargains to be had...leggings and a not too baggy t shirt... :)?

At the moment, something to keep you cool as you run.. good shoes........... ( bargains out there too) and a running cap! Sun is kept out of your eyes and rain too :)

Plus.. a good sports bra!!!

I have outrageous colours and I love it!!!

Well done you.. so, get out there and strut your stuff!!!!


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