Best running app??

I can't afford to buy a yummy Garmin yet, (although the wants are up there really high!) - in the meantime, what do people recommend as the "best" app for tracking your running? I tried Runkeeper but it seemed to freeze my phone and I gave up after a few tries. I'd quite like to know how far I'm going, and be able to keep track of any speed progress from my current snails pace.. ;-) What do others use?


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13 Replies

  • I use Endomondo (the free version) works v well...

  • I dumped Runkeeper for iSmoothRun based on someone's enthusiasm here a few weeks ago. Though i think they recently graduated to a garmin!

    It seems to be less wonky and more accurate.

  • If you mean me Nilzed I am still using iSmoothRun and still love it!

  • Another Endomondo user here (although recently upgraded to a Garmin after saving up), it never froze on me and worked reasonably well - although the GPS would sometimes go awry it was mostly okay for free. The stats online were good, better presented than Garmin's IMO.

  • I love its great, gives you loads of info, tracks your route with map. Costs £2.99 and worth every penny.

  • I use my tracks. Free download from the android store.

  • I use Runkeeper - as far as I can make out , it does everything the others do but also allows input of running intervals. Occasionally it does take a little while to start up - but that is probably because of my lowish powered Android phone.

  • I had GPS problems with runkeeper. It had me leaping tall buildings, rivers and motorways, making my times and distances wildly inaccurate. It had smaller leaps I had not really noticed it when i only used it for measuring the occasional walk, but when i began using it to regularly track walks on the same route, i had to throw out about half my efforts and just use an old one to create a log. In some ways, it got more accurate on the repeated walks, the small leaps seemed to disappear as it 'learned' the route maybe? But it was still prone to these random huge inaccuracies.

  • Hmm -- mine seems to be reasonably accurate. Sometimes it goes awry a little -- but I suspect the GPS/phone rather than Runkeeper? Anyway, I only really use it as a guide to how I am going

  • Have downloaded Mapmyrun for free - used it for last two runs and seems good. What do others think?

  • I use runtastic, I then upgraded to runtastic pro. It seems to get the gps best in my area and the pro version uploads your run to the computer. And shares with myfitness pal. I have an android phone.

  • How do you share runtastic with my fitness pal please? Do you have to have runtastic pro? I use both of these apps but the calories burnt on my runtastic information is not the same as the my fitness pal, I don't want to do myself out of calories (aka - that bit of cake ;-))

  • You can do it with the free version I think. Go to settings on the runtastic app and then click on partner accounts. Then you just connect to my fitness pal and it will take you to log in. When I do my run I just set the gps off and stop it at the end of the run. When I get home the wifi syncs runtastic, that puts it into the exercise part of myfitness pal. I find that their estimates seem more realistic as it calculated time and distance. Runtastic means you can add manually as well. Good luck.

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