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Week 1 complete!

Did third run at 0715 on a beautiful sunny morning, cos I reckon it's going to get hot and sticky by lunchtime. Also cycled in (6 miles) to workplace before start to get a good gentle warm up. The thing I find with cycling is that the difference between no apparent effort at all, and really strenuous exercise results in remarkably little difference in average speed.

Feeling good right now. Can people tell me what the transition to week 2 is like? Is it a complete culture shock to increase the run lengths by 50% or do you just take it all in your stride.

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It will feel like a step up, but no so much it is unmanageable. I liked it as I felt I was progressing. After a week of the 60 second runs it was nice to push myself that little bit more. Pace is one thing you learn early in this. If you approach them at a nice gentle pace - as if you were starting a longer run - then you will be fine.

I would also suggest you get into the habit of not thinking about the time too much. Distract yourself however you see fit. Anything rather than trying to run down the clock. Whats that old saying: "A watched kettle never boils".



Ive just completed week 2 run 3 this morning, like you i cycle about 6 miles to & from work & use my ride home as my warmup. I found the first run of week 2 a little daunting but just go with it you will be surprised how quickly those extra 30secs go by. Im now about to start week 3 on sunday with 3mins running.....................................

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Well done Iain😊

You will be ready for Week 2, the plan is great and builds your stamina gently one run at a time. Just a gentle jog is sprinting😄..

Good luck.

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As a cyclist I'm sure you'll take it in your stride (pun may or may not be intended, I'm kind of tired right now!)

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