Advice please (again)

Hi all

I'm in need of some advice, i am about to go on placement for 8 weeks which involves 3 12 hour shifts day or night a week. Ive seen my rota and all 3 shifts tend to be together. How can i fit in 3 runs with rest days in between?

I can't imagine going for a run after standing on my feet for 12 hours. How do others manage physical shift work and running?????


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  • Don't know but am curious- you'll get the answer here! Good luck

  • When I was in the police force in Australia, we used to do 12 hour shifts, essentially 4 on and 4 off.... I used to go to the gym beforehand - it used to be early - was there by 430am (or 430pm), and to start with it was hard, but I got used to it and found it gave me a boost for the day!

  • Thanks, i guess i'm going to have to grit my teeth and get on with it 4am gym starts here i come 😬

  • It's not easy... but if you work it right, it'll only be one :)

  • Either that, or just extend your week... say your working Mon, Tues, Weds... run Thurs, Sat, and then the 3rd run after your next block of shifts. It doesn't matter if you take longer or have more rest days!

  • Thanks

  • I would probably skip the gym sessions if you are going to be running as well.

    My suggestion is see how it goes. If you are feeling too drained after your shift just have a 3 day break and extend the programme out a bit. It isn't a rigid dogma and your fitness will not suffer for a day here or there. It will probably benefit rather than trying to cram in runs when you are drained.

  • Hi, be kind to yourself. It will be hard enough to get running aftef 3x 12h shifts rather than run one in the misdle. Do you have a fitbit or a pedometer? See how far you walk on your placement and post it here. If you preparefood ahead of shifts then bloomin' well done! X

  • Apologies for the typos 😝

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