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C25K partial re-run

have been off with a hip injury but got some treatment on it last week and have done a little walk/run twice

But going to start week 5 tonight (chiropractors advise )

He suggests i try a couple of week 5 runs then decide where to go next week 6 or week 7 .

i wanted to go back to 5k or 30 mins but will take his advise and see how i go don't want any thing to go wrong last few weeks have been very miserable not being able to run (would not have thought that a few weeks ago )

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hello world


Best to build up again slow and steady. I have had to do this a couple of times after injury and I think I got it right this time........now back to where I was last September. Patience is the key.

Enjoy your run. Keep running, keep smiling.


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