Trying to lose weight

Hi everyone i am due to start week 2 tomorrow of the programme and looking for any advice. I am currently well overweight (240lbs) and last week was my first exercise in over 2 years, it got to the point where i didnt want to look like this anymore. I have started to eat healthy now and just wondering by doing this programme will it help me to lose quite a lot of weight over the 9 weeks or should i also be doing other workouts on other days to help. Also as the weeks go on to peope tend to run at the same speed or as you run for longer do you slow down abit as running for 30mins seems a massive task after being completely out of breath after running for a minute.

Thanks guys hope to hear some replys


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  • Hi CW - well done on taking those first steps! C25K is aimed to get us all off the couch, so the first few weeks (and longer for some) are all about starting to build up strength and stamina to get us in a place where we can exercise regularly. So in the early weeks not so much about weight loss as just getting out there. Speed is not important, the experienced forum members will tell you to go SLOW. I'm currently running just a tad faster than I walk. Once we graduate, then we can work on speed.

    Best of luck to you - along with a healthy diet you'll be making progress in no time 😊

  • I am a little heavier than you and managed to complete the first 2 runs doing some strangth training (on my legs especially) and lots of walking before I tried the program again. I still do it and today found w1r2 quite easy so it must help me in some way. I see lots of other people here walk and work out on rest days too.

  • I started running to lose weight but it also toned you too. Don't worry about pace, just take it slowly and even slower and you will get through the program. All of us had worries about being able to run for 30 minutes, have a look at some of the graduates early posts, we all though we would never get through the 60 seconds of running in Week 1! 😊 Just follow the program, it really does work and along with a healthy diet, you will lose weight. Keep us posted on your progress

  • I've not lost any weight with the running but I have toned and gone down two sizes. I've not followed the strictest of diets so can only blame myself for the lack of weight loss so far.

    Running isn't the best exercise for weight loss but it does make you fit so it's a good one to do. On your rest days try walking at a slowish pace for fat burn. If you have a fitbit or similar it will tell you if you're burning fat or doing a cardio workout. Ideally you want to aim for long distances. Before starting C25K I walked on my treadmill every day at a slow pace and lost over 10kgs.

  • I use running as a way of keeping my weight down. Nothing burns calories quite like running., it's what you eat afterwards that determines how much weight you lose πŸ˜ƒ

    You don't need any extra calories while doing this programme.

    If you are eating and drinking healthily, running, walking - and being more mobile in general - then the weight is bound to shift. You have to stick to a healthy regime for good!

    Good luck πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Hi Cw1888. I started marginally lighter at 103kg and as well as the C25K, I use the Weight Loss NHS forum (sister forum):

    It too is very supportive and full of sound advice on shedding some weight and healthy eating. Give it a try too.

  • Cheers i did not know about this i will definitley use this for the future, thanks πŸ‘πŸ»

    By the way has c25k helped you lose weight while being on the programme?

  • Pretty sure it has helped, but I was advised that the greater losses come from reduced calorie consumption, so I am doing both.

    You burn more calories as the weeks get into more running. That being said, I was burning zero calories on the sofa :(

    I have lost 6.6kg in 8 weeks. Slow and steady. Nearly out of the obese range :)

    Biggest improvement is learning the calorie content of foods and limiting carbs and fats. I have cut out as much sugar from my diet as possible. I am finding lots of low-cal food that I like though. It is not so tough.

    Good luck and keep posting :)

  • Thanks for the reply. Well done with your weight loss and it sounds like you are doing great and feel much better for the changes you have made to your lifestyle. I feel the same even this early on.

    Keep it up πŸ‘πŸ»

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