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W5R2 down

W5R2 down

Feeling good for the dreaded (or anticipated) W5R3 after todays run. Without a doubt the mantra of keeping it slow, is making this possible for me! My dog Abbigail, who accompanies me on these runs, has never been so happy. She radiates pure canine joy while we're running, and makes sure that we run (walk on the off days) every morning, like my own personal motivational fitness coach.

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Aaah.. Abbigail looks lovely.

Good job jaybro😊

The Mantra works...well done and Good luck with R3...😊


Slow and steady... we may get sick of hearing it.. ( or in my case, hurling the advice at everyone on the programme) but it works!!!

It really does and folks can then have fun doing the runs.. as you and your 'coach' Abigail are doing!!!

You are ready for the next runs... trust the programme and have faith in yourself.. and your companion :)


Slow and steady :) x


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