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Having a 5k reset

Having a 5k reset

Hi everyone,

I have found for various reasons that my 5k has slowed and It's an element of running that I enjoy- to really push to get a good time for that sense of achievement. It's so different to my long runs in the woods that are just lovely, and I love the variety of the different types of run.

So rather than sulking on my paws and licking my wounds I decided to have a reset.

I have a new 5k route and baseline time. That way I can work on my time and enjoy the new challenge.

I think it's so important to have things to keep us going and give a focus for running and that is fun too!!

So, consider a reset if you find you need a different focus.

I have included my baseline on strava and I will post on my progress!

Happy panthering



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Sounds like a plan Ju, I agree with you, goals are one of the reasons I still run. I need to keep feeling I am working towards and achieving something. There is much scope to choose from when setting little goals with running and it really does help to keep you motivated. Good luck and looking forward to watching your progress.


Yes I agree, new goals keep the running thing interesting and there's so much we can do we should never get bored. Sounds like a plan JJ. Good luck and let us know how you get on. No doubt you'll crack whatever your target is 😊


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