Definitely have reached 5K

Graduated on the 25th February and have not missed too many runs since. Last Saturday I was pretty sure I had run 5K but had not measured it accurately, only on the Running Bug site. This morning I decided to take my gps with me, I've used it for years geocaching, and measure my run. It was raining, cold and very muddy. I decided to be brave and start without my hoody on as I always end up tying it round my waist anyway. I ran 3.25miles in 38 minutes, I think that is 5.23km. That may not be particularly fast but I was thrilled. I even announced it to a couple who parked next to us and were preparing for their run.

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  • that's fab blueboots and faster than me! :) :) :)

  • Faster than me too!! Where do all these young whippersnappers get their energy?? :-) :-)

  • 'whippersnapper' I like that, long time since I was one of those, bigger smile than ever now. :)

  • wish there was a like button

  • Wonderful, much faster than me too :) Excellent!! :)

  • Brilliant, well done! The only time I did 5k that fast was in a parkrun when the (slightly) competitive spirit must have inspired me!

  • Well done! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with that smile on your face :)

  • yeay!!! Oh i've still got to get to that magic distance :) fantastic

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