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C25k w1r1

All done :)


* Knees didn't hurt after a little while, which was mainly what I was worried about.

* Recovered from a stitch

* Managed to run most of the 60 seconds, and it was still half an hour of decent exercise.

* My feet felt nice and comfy in the shoes and the sports bra was definitely a good idea :)


* Didn't manage to complete the whole thing but that's largely because I misjudged how short my route was (who'd have thought running bits was faster than walking >_<)

* I was feeling really self-conscious about being out in public doing the same route twice. I came home and did some marching on the spot for the last few minutes of it because at that point I was getting anxious and it felt like an eternity. I'll give it a go in the gym next time.

MapMyRun data: 3.3km travelled, 11:15 mins per km, 318 calories burned

Fitbit data: 3,096 steps

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Well done to you. IMO that's the hardest run of the programme! Knees can hurt at the beginning but as they get more used to running any pain should ease. Don't forget to stretch after each run.

Loads of us felt self conscious at the start but again this disappears once we run more. Just remember that no one is looking at us as they're too wrapped up in their own lives/phones.

Enjoy the runs and keep posting 🙂

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Thanks :) I think once I figure out a proper route length I should be just fine, it was having to double back past a pub with lots of smokers that made me head home.


I bet they were all thinking " sh*t that looks hard" 😩

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Well done for getting out there and great stats too. It is surprising how much further you cover when running, it's all a learning game of working out the best route (which will need to get longer the further you progress).


Very good start. Don't give up on running outdoors; it is good for the soul!

Is there anywhere green nearby where you could run without smoking audience?

I'm sure your confidence will grow when you have a couple of weeks under your belt.

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There is, but it mostly involves hills, and I'm not ready for that just yet! Sadly Bristol has lots of hills :/ It's local urban running for now. I'm trying to time it so it's near sunset when I run so it's a bit darker.


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