Hi, newbie here. After several (7!) weeks of procrastinating, i finally donned my 'running outfit' & set off in the car to the local Parkrun venue. Once there, my bottle went as the route was busy with runners, walkers & cyclists, so i kept on driving. Drove another 5 mins while i convinced myself i was going to do this, turned round, drove back, parked up & got out there. Two things worth noting - 60 seconds lasts a heck of a lot longer than i thought it did, & my worries about being stared at by people parked up in their cars while i attempted to jog, were unfounded as they seemed to mainly be concentrating on their McDonalds rather than looking at the beetroot in the fluorescent yellow t-shirt. So run 1 completed, no one laughed at me (apart from my kids as i left the house), had a few smiles from fellow joggers/walkers. Can't wait for run 2, might be able to relax more & enjoy myself.


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22 Replies

  • That's it Polly2723 - it's all about cracking on with it. Don't give a monkeys cuss about what anyone else thinks.

    Most of us are knackered after week 1 run 1, and we embrace our beetroot glow .

    Each run gets easier and easier- enjoy run 2 :)

  • Well done for taking the first step(s) and overcoming the first gremlins (negative voice in your head). Carry on like this and you'll sail through 😊

  • First step taken......well done!

  • First step taken.....well done

  • I hope you can relax and enjoy - it gets harder but you get better. As Dore said 'Just keep swimming'. 🐠

  • Well done Polly, youre up and running ! :-)

    Good on ya, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself even though i have a few aches i wasn't anticipating. Roll on Friday for run 2 😀

  • Congratulations, that's the hardest run done. 60 seconds seemed like an eternity to most of us, I assure you it gets better. Happy running.

  • Well done on your first run. You've done it. Sounds as if you enjoyed it too. Well done.

  • hardest part is starting ,and you've done it now! Well done!

  • Well done Polly.

    I bet now you wonder why you spent 7 weeks procrastinating? Lol

    You've started now there'll be no stopping you!

    Keep posting and letting us know how you get on, there's lots of encouragement anx good advice here x

  • Well done!

  • Good for you.

  • On the way and looking very good... and not minding who sees!!!!

    Well done you, you have taken the hardest step, the first one... :)

    Take it slow and really steady, at your own pace and you will get there.

    Many of us, when we started felt exactly like you... 60 seconds seemed so long a time, and then...nine weeks later... there we were, ( as you will be),running for 30 minutes! Wow!

    " No-one says it is going to be easy, but they do say, it is going to be so worth it". :)

  • Well done on completing your first run, you've got over the biggest hurdle! Now keep going and it will get easier!

  • You will be fine. I remember feeling self-conscious but realising that actually nobody was that interested. By the way I still get fairly red in the face when I run. I call it my healthy glow.

    Good luck with the programme. It's fantastic.

  • well done, i too worried about people looking at me, but after the first time i no longer care good luck

  • Welcome and well done for getting started. We all felt like that at first, but as you've found, nobody pays you much heed.

    Well all be cheering you on!

  • Well done! That is heroic defeating such enormous gremlins before you even start on the programme!!

    Nothing will be as hard again though some runs will break your heart. But always remember how you overcame all those self imposed obstacles to do the first outing in a most public arena!! Well done again! You're going to overcome them all and get through it I know you will!

  • Keep at it, my first attempt was awful but my second attempt last night was really enjoyable

  • I know how u feel about worrying about people staring at how beetroot u r think that's one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Ran up a huge hill last night, was red n sweaty n panting obscenely loud n right at the top of the hill was a pub with a full pub garden full of young gorgeous people basking in the sunshine...NOOOO!! No one stared though all too busy getting their drink on n I picked up my pace a bit to get passed them as quickly as possible lol

  • Well done you, it can be nerve racking at first but you overcame that 😊and yeah 60 seconds does seem like an eternity at 1st, enjoy your rest day or days 😊

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