W1R1 - let's see if I can keep this going?

Today I started started seriously thinking about doing C25K and had a look on my podcast list and notices it had been there since October 2012 and I had done nothing about it. It looked like one of the those days where not a lot of people would be out as it was chucking it down with rain so I thought it would be best to try now. Unfortunately it was the weather that was putting me off getting out there. I had done a boot camp in the rain once (boot camp didn't last long due to injury) and I quite enjoyed it so it was just convincing myself to get out there. It took about an hour with some encouraging support from my hubby to finally get out there. The moment I rounded the corner, the heavens opened, but I had started and I wasn't going to stop then. I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to run all of the 1 minute chunks, but I took some of the advice from you guys on here and tried to keep it slow. I really started to struggle on the last two, but I got there! I did a linear route and had to guess when halfway was and I didn't do too badly. Was hard seeing how far I'd come which felt great but looking back felt like I had to go a long way. Luckily when I had completed my cool down I was nearly home and very pleased. Sitting in the bath with a glass of wine (sorry I know it should be water) as my reward. My concern is that I won't want to do W1R2, but homely know I can do it once should make getting out the door a little easier. Wish me luck guys and thank you for listening xx


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  • Well done on getting out of the door and making a start on the programme. You've actually got the hardest part over and done with now. I'm sure you will want to do the second run (after a rest day) and gradually go on to complete the programme. I mean, you have said that you are already pleased with what you have achieved today. No need to apologise for your 'bathtime' celebration drink not being water - wine is the celebration drink of choice for most of us on here. Make sure you take the rest days between each run as this is the time when the muscles repair themselves and build up strength. Good luck with your next run, let us know how it went and very best wishes to you.

  • That door, the first time is so hard to open isnt it !! Did my day 1 on Wed, it is a little easier on day 3, not much , but a little, still just as hard to open that front door though. Well done you did it once you can do it again

  • Thank you for all your encouragement :). I'm sure I'll keep you all posted with each run. My legs were feeling decidedly wobbly when I got through the door although better now. I've got slightly dodgy knees and ankles (not enough to see the doctor, but enough to cause discomfort) which I hope will keep up with all this new fan dangled exercise :)

  • Huge congratulations on getting out there. You are now on your way to a fitter, healthier you.

    I am 47 and now on my 8th week of the plan. At week 2 I wondered if running was.for me as I have always suffered woth weak knees. I stretched after each and every run as it helped tremendously amd still does. Occasionally I wore a knee support (week 3-5) but I don't need to now. I have improved my diet eg oily fish for joints, plenty of leafy greens for iron and fresh fruit - bananas particularly are gòod for runners. I wish I had started running sooner!

    The plan is brilliant and we are all here for you and each other for advice, encouragement amd gentle words.

    I look forward to reading your about your journey on the c25k plan.

  • Thank you for your advice kickibro :). My knees are certainly achey this evening but I'm reasonably confident that they'll be fine after my rest day. They've been up all evening and I'm certainly not going to be over exerting myself tomorrow. Good luck with your journey :)

  • Well done for getting out that door and completing your run

  • Congratulations! I've always had wobbly (and clicky) knees, but got through c25k without any injuries. Slow and steady does work. Keep your steps short, at least to start with, and aim to land on the front or middle of your foot (ignore Laura's advice to land on your heels - that's what jars knees and everything else). Search for chi running if you want to read more and avoid injury.

    But most of all enjoy the thrill of finding that you can run. It is amazing!

  • Thank you. I have woken up this morning aching all over, but still feeling the sense of achievement. Thanks for the advice, I know that running from the heel doesn't work for me as I had some MBTs a few years back but I had to sell them as my knees weren't having any of it. I'll try and keep the steps short too as on my last run yesterday, I had to do that to keep running. I have to say I felt a bit stupid, but it did feel easier - it's nice to know that there's something in it :)

  • When I got as far as going up hills, my steps could be as short as about 4 inches - which does feel pretty daft - but I was still using the running action - sort of! It's all good. :)

  • Well done on taking the hardest steps - the first ones. You'll find that sense of achievement stays with you as you work through the programme. Keep going!

  • I once ended up running in a thunderstorm - I looked out the window and the direction I was going to head in was clear - the storm was the other way. 2 runs into it and the heavens opened, along with thunder and lightning. Not my best day!

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