Rest day

So it's the 1st of my 2 rest days, I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday and here's something I never thought I would say...... I miss it already, I want to put my running gear on and head out the door, I know rest days are important and I can't run on weekends anyway, the Mrs is at work all day and I'm working tonight into tomorrow morning, but I just want to send the kids to their nanna for an hour and go running.

Help, what is happening to me? I used to hate exercise and dreaded going to the gym but for some unexplainable reason, I want to get out the door and release some of my pent up energy.

Oh well, shopping, cleaning and letting my 2yo climb all over me shouting "to infinity and beyond" it is, all so the good lady doesn't have to come home to a messy house.

Monday, I used to hate you and now I just want you to hurry up and get here!!


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  • Brilliant! And, you get your rest day work out with small one and, win :)

  • Very true, and I now feel like I have (nearly) enough energy to keep up with him

  • Brilliant! :)

    Our new small runner in training ( granddaughter) has done wonders for my core strength !

  • Kids are definitely good for strength training, my little loves to be thrown in the air and at 2.5 stone he makes my arms ache fairly quickly these days

  • I'm wondering the same. Spent the nite out on a hen night & have woken up thinking I could have brought my gear & gone for a run this morning!!!!! In think I'm broken. Lol

  • If this is broken i dont think i want fixing πŸ˜‚

  • Do a bit of yoga with the little ones. You can pick up a lesson on Youtube...... try Ekhart for runners πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • I've never considered yoga but I'll have a look, thanks

  • Even better if you have a Smart tv! You can make a game of it......

  • A sure fire way to end up on the IC. Remember you can do cross training. Swimming may be no good with young ones - not if you want to go off and swim lengths🏊 - but how about a bike ride. I'm sure your little buzz lightyear πŸš€ would love a nice ride on the back of your bike? 🚴🚡🚴🚡

  • He does for about 30 minutes and then wants to get off, I may try again though as it's been a couple of months since I last took him out on the bike

  • 30 minutes is a good start

  • Do your squats.

    Already done 'em? Do some more. There is no limit on squats.

  • Surely the limits when your thighs burn that bad doing another makes you shake like a sh****ng dog?

  • 30 second pause

    Couple of swigs of Monster Energy (the white one - its zero calorie)

    You're good to go again.

  • 🀣🀣🀣

  • Omgoodness that's me too!!! Lol I also run m,w,f I wake up sat morning and think, how can I ever wait until Monday!!! It's like waiting for Christmas!🀣🀣

  • You've been snared Burrows79 :)

    Amazing isn't it? I really miss running (jogging slowly) on rest days. I really enjoy it now, the challenges, the knowledge that I am taking better care, being outside in nature, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end, knackerd, hot and happy.

    Great post made me smile :D Well done and thanks.

  • I most certainly have, I have W5R2 tomorrow and I can't wait.

    It feels great to find an exercise I actually enjoy while it's also doing me some good.

    And the added benefit of having to buy new jeans because mine don't fit anymore, the wife asked whose shirt I was wearing this morning because it was too big, that felt good 😁

  • All good. Good luck with run tomorrow, it's starting to ramp up in week 5, but the programme really works, remember to pace yourself, keep some energy in the tank for the end.

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