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Rest day?

Hi everyone.

Quick question. I did w2r1 this morning so tomorrow should be a rest day, however I know I won't have time to run on Wednesday and probably won't on Thursday either.

I feel ok tonight so am I best running again tomorrow and then having two rest days. Or should I leave it until Friday. I don't want to let things slide this early in the program, but don't want to risk injury either.

Any views?

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Rest days are important because that's when the muscles recover and repair to come back a bit stronger each time. By doing runs two days in a row you risk injury - even with an extra rest day between, The programme is designed for steady progress and not taking a rest day could be to your detriment. It's entirely up to you and how you feel but I tend to err on the side of caution. Good luck and best wishes what ever you decide to do.


Umm maybe i will leave it and try and squeeze it in on Thursday. Thanks for the advice


I have found that for me sometimes 2 rest days are better than one - (but I walk between 40 minutes and 1 hour every day - wether I run or not), I seem to have much more stamina after 2 days rest than after one, and my legs feel lighter. Of curse it is taking me much longer than 9 weeks to graduate, but I have all the time I need!


I would strongly encourage you to take the rest days. They are really, really important - because that's the time your body is actually getting stronger in preparation for your next run. It's always your choice, but I would rather take an extra rest day than none at all - if I absolutely couldn't do the run on schedule.

Believe it or not, resting is just as important as running to becoming a good runner.


Rest days are key. Even if you miss a run that's (to me anyway) preferable to risking injury by running two days in a row... you'll not lose any noticeable fitness by an extra rest day. Better to work through the programme than need to drop out for a while with sore legs and knees from pushing too hard...

Take care out there!


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