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Hello Everyone,

I join you from a second rest day. I hate a second rest day. To be honest I'm not that fond of a first rest day. Oh dear :(

On Monday I tackled B210K W4R3 with enthusiasm. I'd planned new route and would be glad to see some new sites and the back of week 4. Off I went. Despite the heat, the many pub-over-spill-crowds and a route which gently sloped for the whole first 18 minute interval I ran on. I completed the run with relatively little moaning and griping and (just about!) made my 9 km target which I've been after for the last 2 runs. I wandered home happy.

Since then however my calves have been tight. I'm not sure if the culprit is the hills, the sprint finish or a general build up of muscle tiredness. They were shocking yesterday but have been noticeably better today. I warred with myself about going on a run until the drive home from work when I decided against it. I know I shouldn't be running with tired legs and exacerbating the problem. But still.

This situation has been made worse by my trusty 8 year old laptop giving up the ghost meaning I can't even upload my last run to Garmin Connect and stare at it longingly on my rest days. Oh boo.

On the upside, I'm going to have a beer, catch up with the tennis, and maybe have a nice late dinner which is normally not allowed due to mandatory pre-run digestion time. Silver linings.

Hope all is well with everyone, hopefully normally service shall be resumed shortly :)

Happy running

Emily :)

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Oh Emily, I'm with you there. The two rest days are refreshing, but are a struggle to get back into running again when they're over. Sorry to hear of your calves causing issues though. Have you tried any calf stretches? Stair raises work for me when my calves are tight. Hope you feel better soon! :-)

I might have jinxed your poor laptop. *holds a moment's silence for it* I was working with my aged lappy earlier, wondering what I'd do with my Garmin data if it packed in. Blame me.

Enjoy your evening of beer/tennis fusion! :-)

Oh and well done on 9K!


Oh the second rest day is a fidgety place in my house, I've got to settle down!

I'm so keen to get back out there as W5R1 looks very appealing with two intervals of 22 minutes stepping up to 25 then 30; I've been dying to get rid of that third interval. It'll have to wait.

I did try some stretches today including a dipping one and they definitely seemed to help, although I was cautious about stretching my muscles cold. I think what I should do is incorporate more calf stretches into my post run routine, I've been quite slack about spending time stretching and it's coming back to haunt me.

I'm sad too about old Belle, she's been a trusty companion but I think she's finally lost the plot. I've ordered a new and younger model *feels guilty*. I hope yours isn't next M_Y.

Anyway, thanks, and let's hope tomorrow is our (running) day :)


A walk will help loosen off those tight leg muscles perhaps. And I reiterate from my earlier post this week, a rest day doesn't mean you have to sit on the couch you can do some cross training which will help build up your strength and stamina. Well done on your 9K, you'll soon be at 10K then what will be your next target.


Thank you for the advice. I think you're right- I need to keep moving so they don't seize up altogether!


Nooooooooo don't jinx the aged laptops *wraps mine in cotton wool* I've recently had to do a whole system restore on mine, not to mention the fear a couple of months ago when the OHs mac was playing up (thankfully it just needed accumulated bunny fluff hoovering out of it's vents).

Rest days, love 'em and hate 'em, but we do need them.

Enjoy your beer, tennis and late dinner :)


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