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Back on it

I'm finally back on the running wagon.

After my shins giving me jip, I ended up with a delightful cold, then my hay fever kicked up so I could hardly breathe when walking and then I just lost motivation.

However, I have a week off work so I decided that Saturday was the perfect time to start back up as I have nowhere to be so I don't need to rush.

Because I had been low exercise about a month I decided to restart the programme. I found the minute runs a lot easier than the first time round so I probably could have stuck with where I dropped out at week 3.

I'm glad I restarted though as it's given me the motivation and confidence to get back out.

So to everyone who struggles with the longer runs the first time, just remember how hard you found 1 minute at the start ๐Ÿ™‚

W1r2 is scheduled for today at some point.

Have a lovely week all!

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Well done you...pesky pollen.., it is making the runs heavy going!

Make sure your hydration levels are good...I have been putting a bit of Nivea under my nostrils to try and catch the polleny bits before they get into my nose!!! ( Running with a goldfish bowl on your head can be problematic:)}

Keep it slow and steady and keep posting too..you know how great this forum is for support and encouragement:)

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I just got a picture of someone running whilst balancing a goldfish bowl on their head Oldfloss - and sneezing lol

(and yes, I do know what you meant)

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Lol! I'm definitely not skilled enough for that yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

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yep.. that would be me ! I have done stranger things :)


It's great too have you back!

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