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A funny old week

Week 7 started with Laura leaving me. I guess I should've seen the signs but it was a shock. I set off in silence; nothing. Fiddled about with the phone a bit but she was gone (probably ran off with someone else). I was not about to be beaten so I put on my own music and timed the run myself. I still had echoes of Laura in my ear ("your doing really well, you can do this, only 5 minutes left") It seemed like she was mocking me....

R2 I have turned my back on Laura. It rained so hard that I needed windscreen wipers on my glasses. The run passed quickly though as I was concentrating on missing puddles (failed). The sun was always shining when I had Laura with me....

R3 I think I'm over her... As in many past relationships I pretended to like her taste in music but now I realise it was not meant to be...Ran faster without her too :)

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Love this post!! :) I don't suppose you can post youtube videos on here but reminds me of 'Tell Laura I love her' by Ricky Valance :)


Salt in the wound Runlikeagirl

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