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W1 complete

I did W1R3 today and I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for getting up early and dragging myself out in the rain for a run. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it as I'm really unfit and haven't run since school but so far so good - some of the later weeks look pretty scary though!

Unfortunately it proved too much for my trainers though! They are about 10 years old and fell apart on today's run so I'll have to take a break until I can get some more. Next time I'll be able to get out will be this time next week - I wonder if I'll be ok to move on to W2 after a week gap or whether I should repeat W1R3 to ease back into it. Any advice?

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You've done week one so you should be able to move onto week two without any problems. Get some shoes sorted over the weekend (I know they aren't necessarily cheap but new shoes will stop some potential injuries) and you can be out there next week. Even if it is a few weeks before you get the shoes sorted you can still go onto week 2 - maybe go out and do a few fast walks until you have your running shoes just to keep the fitness going.


£25 Karrimor tempo at the moment I would go a half size up at least to allow for foot swell

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