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Advice / thoughts please


Hi all looking some opinions please. I am now almost finished W2 and really enjoying the feeling of achievement!

I did this as I'm approaching 60 next year ( can't believe that ) and like to set myself a challenge to mark the occasion i.e. Run a 5k.

I take endless inspiration from the good and like minded people on this forum the thing is my local council is starting the C25K programme in 2 weeks when hopefully I should be at W4.

Is it advisable to join in that group (afraid of missing something 😂) or just plod on now I feel I'm getting into it ?

Many thanks ☺️

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I'd be tempted to join the group and restart the programme. Unless you have a time-restricted goal. I think it would be too good an opportunity to meet other local people trying for the same thing. Then you can do Parkruns and stuff together.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to LordLuton

Was thinking that from the social aspect and groups to run with in the future.

Thanks 😊


I would have a chat to whoever is running it to make sure they have thought of every ability and how they will manage people who want/need to repeat a week. It would be horrible to drop out because they won't/can't help in that case.

Good luck with which ever way you go. And well done making the start!


I would carry on with what you are doing, but begin the group when it starts and see what you think. Use the group run as a run day so you would need to have a rest day next day.

Then make a decision - Is group running for you or not? That way there is nothing to loose.

Good luck👍🏼

I would agree with Jacs-W.

Personally I would not have chosen to do C25k as part of a group - party because I am a misanthrope and mainy because I realy think it is a programme desgned to let you progress at your own rate, pace etc and that is so different from person to person, judging by my experience and comments on here. The thing that seems to derail most people is comparing their progress to others, feeling they are not running fast enough etc. I would think in a group that is far more likely to happen than running solo. Plus, if you are getting on well at the moment on your own , it ain't broke so why fix it? There will be plenty of opportunity for social interaction with running groups, parkrun etc once you have got the basics under your belt, as it were.

That said, you can always give it a try and if you find you prefer running with the group then go for it . What works is King.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Rignold

Thanks for that and to all for taking the time to reply.

You have voiced the niggles I had about the group . I'm quite determined and love the family feeling on this forum and that keeps me lifted !

Will keep plodding on at my own pace 🏃🏼

Thanks ☺️

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Sarahb18

Thats sounds good.

I began C25k july 2016 aged 59. I ran my first 10k event in March 2017 as a 60th birthday present to myself. If I can do that you will certainly get to your 5k! Just remember slow and steady.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thanks for that and well done on your achievements!

Very reassuring and you are now my inspiration 🏃🏼


Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Sarahb18

Thank you. But there are lots of others on this forum who have gone further than me😀 Stick with the programme and keep posting!

runlikeagirlGraduate in reply to Rignold

..."The thing that seems to derail most people is comparing their progress to others..." I totally agree with Rignold here. Maybe try it, but if you come away feeling at all negative realise that it is not you, but simply that it is "not for you" at this point. But if it is a positive experience then great! :) Good luck with whatever you do x


Don't go!!! We are your social running group and we're much friendlier, encouraging and supportive than 'that lot'.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to MarkyD

Haha..... think you may be right !!



As a closet would-be runner ( about to start week 5), I would rather stick pins in my own eyes than join a running club at the moment ( never say never). The wonderful people on this forum are the only people who know what I am doing. My husband and kids are being kept in dark until I'm a bit further in( and hopefully totally addicted) so it would really blow my cover!

I like being able to chose when to run, how many rest days I need between runs, what time of day to run, where to go to avoid people!

If this group is successful, you will definitely meet the people later in your running career, at Park runs, local events etc so you won't miss the opportunity.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Bonkersbrit

Totally get what you're saying .

It's good to have choice as to when 'runs ' fit into your day etc.

All the best for your future weeks ,at this stage W5 seems a long way off to me 😊

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