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been to the Cairo-tractor (chiropractor)

Well that was a very strange experience talk about up close and personnel.

He started by checking every bone in my body (or so nit seemed to me ) he then said for my age not in too bad condition (i suppose 64 years of very limited exercise has not worn me out yet )

I did have some limitation of movement which he said was not to bad and he could manipulate these and get far better extension of movement .

Then he checked my hip (the reason for the visit) and he thinks that the problem is not in the bone but probably in the muscles which is what i was i wanted him to say

then after some pulling and pushing hes said i had a choice some deep massage which was quite painful or some acupuncture i have never had this before and was not sure what to expect and the neddles were quite long (3 to 4 inches)

Actually i did not feel them going in and only felt some discomfort once when he manipulated one of them he re positioned them a few times and that was that

so tonight i will test my hip out running he sujested maybe not to go for a sub 30 min 5k ( dream on) so have decided to do some run walks and see how i go

( week 4 c25k)

have booked to go back in a week for some follow up treatment and to let him know how its been

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Never been to one but I have heard that some people prefer it to the physio. Hope you get good results. Keep us updated

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Did he "Walk Like an Egyptian"?


I had chiropractic on my back when I had a prolapsed disc in my twenties and also when I was pregnant with my second child. Money very well spent on both occasions. Not had acupuncture though - let us know how that hip goes.🙂

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