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Week 7 run 1 concern about an old injury


I'm wondering whether anyone has any advice. I a female in my late 30s and haven't done much exercise since I ruptured my Achilles' tendon in my early 20s. I have always wanted to be able to run and have managed the plan really well up til now. I'm really worried about re-rupturing my tendon. I stretch it out as much as I can before and after the run, but it niggles all the way and I feel that I am guarding it, more so now I am running for more significant periods of time. I want to keep on with the plan, but my concern is growing. Has anyone been in the same boat or had the same injury and managed it in a particular way?

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I would suggest you speak to your GP for peace of mind. All the best


Hi there

I ruptured my Achilles tendon in 2008....I was in plaster( three different ones for three months...( I did not want the op to repair it )... I have been running since I graduated in December 2015, three time a week, mainly off road an up to 10K now...and no problems at all...:)

There is no reason why it should rupture again, did you have the op or were you in plaster? ... it really should be completely healed by now... if you are concerned, get it checked out and if you need them, there are some great supports out there too :) I wore one for a while... but on my other foot... !!!!!


Thanks. Yes, I was in plaster for months, I didn't have the op, but wish I had now (I was young and scared). I think a lot of my problem is purely psychological. I might get a support for confidence.

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You've got !!!!

Don't regret not having the op.. I know several people who had it who regret it!

You will be fine.. just go steadily and slowly.. land lightly and gently!!! Just keep going and keep posting :)


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