Couch to Half Marathon in 5 months

Couch to Half Marathon in 5 months

I started c25k in October and on Sunday completed the Cambridge Half Marathon. I'm a slow plodder and took over 3 hours to complete it with a bit of speed walking around miles 8-10 but it's done! I carry a lot of extra weight and it was a hot day I'm proud and wanted to share with you all that anything is possible as long as you believe and in my case keep to a training plan !


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48 Replies

  • WELL DONE YOU, SALLYAL! Such a lovely smile! Bet you are really pleased with yourself after all that hard work! Bet you enjoyed that tipple! I'm really pleased for you and it has given me the nudge to get on with doing something too! Inspirational!

  • Glad I could be of help! As it happens I couldn't drink it and ended up throwing it away!

    Thank you

  • Well done! I think we can all appreciate just how hard it is, and what it takes to achieve such a feat. You should feel justifiably proud. Good lass!

  • Thank you, I do feel proud and wore my medal everywhere for 24 hours!

  • Well done indeedy. You should wear it to bed. Fantastic achievement.

  • Well done Sallyal. I bet that beer tasted good afterwards!

  • Thank you, it was a freebie, isotonic non alcoholic drink, loved the thought of it but my stomach wasn't interested after having been jiggled around for such a long time!

  • They are making isotonic no alcoholic drinks that look like beer????? How can that be legal?

  • Did it taste like beer?

  • 3 Hours!!! - would be very proud of that . A half marathon is 21 Klms so that is an average of less than 9 minutes per klm over that long distance!!!!

  • Aaaah Bazza you missed the "more than" in front of the 3 hours!! My aim was always to be in before the cut off of 3 hours 30 minutes and there were always a couple of people behind me, but I wasn't racing them just or ing it to myself!

  • Don't confuse me with the facts - I've already made up my mind!!! :) GREAT effort!!

  • Thank you... 3:17 and proud!

  • Have you read, courage to start, by john (the penguin) Bingham Highly recommended

  • Congratulations on your first Half Marathon, Sallyal.

    It looks like you're enjoying that pint, after running on a hot day.

  • You ran too I think? You made me chuckle with the word "first" in your I might fancy doing it again!

  • Wow, that is seriously impressive! Very well done Sallyal!

  • Thank you :)

  • Wow that's fantastic-how inspiring! So you should be proud x

  • Thank you, you can look up my graduation post to read why I started to run if you're interested in my story!

  • Congratulations, what a fantastic achievement you must be so pleased and proud

  • Thank you I am, but the blisters are painful today!

  • Well Done, That is really impressive!

  • Thank you, it was a lovely feeling to have people shouting my name and cheering me on!

  • You've given me hope I still have time to do plenty training for the GNR in September, just need to stick to my training plan :) well done!

  • That's loads of time! I started on January 1st upping my distance every week, had only run 10 miles twice and 11.5 once, would have felt more confident having done that distance more times and got used to running with duels and taking water on board while running. Good luck!

  • I have a water bottle but on short runs you don't need one so I'm sure there will be much practicing as my distances increase with that and fuel types. I'm more worried about the fuel as I increase, I climbed Ben Nevis a couple of years ago and an hour in the fiancé pointed out I was struggling and needed fuel which I denied and didn't fancy so he made me eat half a snickers and boy did I need it! 10mins later and I felt great! :)

  • Brilliant. Well done. given me inspiration!

  • Thank you, my graduation post tells you a bit more about what got me startd!

  • That's brilliant ! Well done , & so you should be proud ! What a achievement . !

  • Thank you. It's been a whirlwind journey, and yes feels amazing to know I did it.

  • woop woop...what an amazing achievement...well done and in such a short time, thats fabulous!!

  • Thank you. I have just finished listening to, "running like a girl" on audible books. Highly recommended.

  • Just bought the paperback copy of the book following recommendation of someone else on the forum.

  • I hope you enjoy it! I have listened to parts of it a number of times, and could hear her voice in my head as I was running on Sunday!

  • A very well deserved achievement. Best wishes.

  • Thank you, have realised so much of this is is about the battle between you're head telling you to stop and knowing your body can carry on!

  • Wow that's amazing Sally that must be one of the quickest Couch to 1/2M I've seen on here, very well done. :)

  • It wasn't my plan! I was gifted the place in the HM on the 1st January and my aim was to finish within the time limit! I had publicly committed to bringing a medal to work on Monday and couldn't bear to give my children the message that it was Ok to give up when things get tough(and boy was it tough!!) .

    Thank you

  • Congratulations and enjoy that beer - well deserved :)

  • Thank you!

  • Well done! Hope you enjoyed that well deserved beer! CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic achievement :) Gives me something to aim for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My advice would include..choose a flat race, and I'm not a fan of courses with loops (this was 2 loops) as I saw loads of people finishing when I had to do it all again!! Thank you

  • Well done, what a fantastic achievement !!

  • Thanks Chris - you're almost there!!

  • Respect! Big time! So wish I could to do that too one day but still unsure of the correct journey. A big whoop whoop to you! :)

  • had a great day doing it myself well done

  • I am Sooooooo impressed. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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