Next up: half marathon

I graduated in early November and have since built up to be able to do one solid but steady hour of running. I tend to go about 6 to 7k in that time, depending on the day. Next goal is a half marathon in May, for which Santa kindly brought me "The Runner's World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training." Based on what I have read so far it looks like an excellent resource. Also received "Now That's What I call Running" which has 3 hours plus of music to run to, some classics and some young stuff. Off for a Boxing Day run now ...... sorry if this post sounds like an advertisement!


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  • Good morning genevan and congratulations on your hour long run. Its particularly impressive to me who took since graduation in July to run an hour. I managed 10k this week (isn't this programme amazing?) and am thinking about what next. I suppose it is the half marathon but I don't have a fixed date. I should be looking around for an event? I haven't yet run with others so it sounds a bit daunting. Have you signed up for one?

    Your books sound interesting. Let us know how the training manual turns out please? Its too late for Santa sadly.

  • Have you thought of joining a running club ? That will help you get used to running with others, plus they'll be able to recommend local races you might enjoy and be able to tell you what to expect.

  • Well done you, that book sounds great. Good luck with your half marathon prep. :-)

  • Well done ! I'm hoping to do a half marathon in March so need to get started on a plan very soon.

    Good luck with your training :-)

  • Genevan's book gives a 10 week schedule so that would work out for you perhaps. Alternatively the BUPA site sets out a 12 week plan.

  • Thanks both for your comments. Nevertoolate, yes, I have signed up for the Geneva half marathon in early May. Ten of us from work, plus my wife, have signed up! I think my kids would have too, but you have to be 18. The RW book has a 10 week training plan, so I will do that starting in Feb. For January I have decided to do a weekly hill run (well, it's more a slope than a hill!) a weekly speed run at the local track, and weekly a distance run, to see how I get on with the various styles. The hill scares me a bit as so far I have only run on he flat.

  • Congratulations genevan and sfb350 for signing up for half marathons. My brother-in-law who runs much more seriously than me has suggested one to do in September. I know that sounds a long way off, but I don't feel I could pull it off in Spring. Maybe I'm just being wimp!

    As for the idea of joining a club, I would if I lived in the UK. I live in Paris and the French are so terribly serious about everything. You even need a doctor's note before you're allowed to enter anything over 5k. Maybe I'll track down some sympathetic women's running group which wouldn't intimidate me!

    Good luck to both of you and keep us informed of your progress?

  • Living in Geneva I have heard about that doctor's note malarkey just over the border. Happily not even the serious Swiss are not quite that demanding! A friend of mine did a run that started in France and ended here, and still needed the note. On the other hand, the Swiss apparently take their runs quite seriously, which is what put me off entering a 7k in November. The half marathon has a 3 hour time limit .. we'll see!

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