10k to half-marathon

Hi, guys! I now run 5k on daily basis and feel that it is not enough for me, so I started to run 10k every other day. I have been doing it for about a month. Now I start to think about half-marathon and I will increase distance every other day by 1k. How much time does it take you to jog 5k, 10k or half-marathon? Do you use any apps? Any advice at all?

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  • Why not try and do one longer run once a week, and increase it. Yor running sounds amazing, you are doing amazingly well....running magazines have some extremely good advice and marathon plans. I think its great to have regular 5k to improve on speed which helps your fitness levels and stamina?? good luck!!!!

  • I do not buy running magazines - I use some free apps and books from libraries and book-shops. But I have seen some really good running plans online. Regular 5k does help to improve fitness levels and stamina, but I do work on increasing speed as well :D Thank you!

  • sensible...whilst I have taken to getting 'womens running' its full of alot of adverts and pics of v nice ladies and not much else!!! online is the best bet I think you are right! I love your pic, sweet cat

  • It is my cat Jack, thank you. I`ve got him from local Cats Protection when he was just a kitten :) Now I am volunteer for CP as well =)

  • thats sweet...

  • have you thought about getting a tailored plan from my.asics.co.uk/

    enter your starting ability & your target distance and they will do you a week by week/ run by run training plan. I then used this to build my own plan to get to take me from C25k to 10k in 11 weeks (plus sensible input from other members on here)

    And hopefully I will stick with it and get my 2x 10k races done this autumn.

    Happy Running

  • Oh, I didn't know about it. Thank you a lot! Already got a plan :D

    Can you use their app on BlackBerry?

    Good luck with your races! ;)

  • Have never used the app on blackberry, but am sure there will,be something on the blackberry forums online.

  • Seems that the best you can get for BlackBerry is Endomondo Sports Tracker.

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