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Where From Here? Advice from Accomplished Runners?

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First of all, it's celebration time for completing my 5K training and my 1st 5K ever, my birthday which were both on 05/13/2017, Mother's Day Today, and being able to run 5 miles three times. Except for mother's day, these are all landmark and 1st time accomplishments for me.

H A P P Y ~ M O T H E R " S ~ D A Y ! !

So, I made a Tres Leches Cake. This cake has 5 eggs in the batter. The baked cake takes 42 oz of three milks, (thus the name "Tres Leches") poured over it. The milks soak into the cake over night. Then, homemade whipped cream and fruit are added in the morning. The result, an ice cold, dense, moist, and incredibly delicious cake! Protein, fat and carbs heaven!

2nd of all, I updated / re-wrote my bio. It's long winded but I thought it should be made more relevant.

Ok, so where from here?

1) A brutal leg work out that I am behind on.

2) A couple weeks of 3 - 5 mile easy runs so my body can catch up to this activity. I think some people call this consolidating?

3) ? ? ? ? - I don't know, this is where I could use some advice. I am thinking of starting a 10K app training. But, I was thinking maybe to start it on W1R1 and try to do the progressions running instead of jogging. I am still mostly jogging. I can run down hill, but on the level and vertical, it' almost all jogging and when I get tired, which is really quick, I jog the majority of the distance. Rather than continue to mostly jog for 5, 7, 10 miles etc..., I feel I need to work on being a runner, not a runner who jogs everything.

The other thing I though about was to continue the 3 - 5 miles three times a week but to run and walk, run and walk those until I build up more and more running time and distance, adding in some track and hill repeats maybe every other week for speed development.

I am really at a loss as to what to do next. Any advice from accomplished runners is welcome.

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The world is your lobster. You can do anything that takes your fancy. The good news is you don't have to make any hard and fast choices. its not like chooisng your college major. Just run for a while and see what tickles your fancy. It is always wise to consolidate the 5k for a few weeks or more to begin with anyway while your body gets used to the whole thing, and in that time you will probably get a yen for what you want to try your foot at next.

Congrats btw.

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gdcgrayGraduate in reply to Rignold

Running is freedom - I guess so is training, to a degree, for an old neglected body. Thanks

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Rignold in reply to gdcgray

I love training. It astounds me to see myself write that but it is true. After half a century of abuse the fact that my body still responds and adapts and improves fills me with a delight I would never have imagined.

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gdcgrayGraduate in reply to Rignold

My sentiments exactly. Astounds me too.

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Congratulations on your 5k event! Definately worth celebrating and my goodness, that cake looks delicious!🙂 I agree with Rignold on consolidating your 5k for a bit and then if you want to progress to 10k, go for it. You can either use an app or do what many of us have done - turn one of your weekly runs in to your 'long run' by increasing your distance using the 10% rule (that is increasing one run by no more than 10% of your weekly total). Listen to your body though, and only increase distance when you feel ready. Whatever you decide, well done on the life changes you have made and good luck with the next stage of your running journey!🙂

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gdcgrayGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra,

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I guess the most important thing to me right now is to run, not jog, for increasing times and distances. If that means I need to run 200 meters, then 300, then 500, then 1K , 2K, 5K etc . . . instead of continuing the jogging from 5K, to 7K, then 10K and beyond, then I feel, (but don't really know), that's what I need to do.

I feel stuck in the jog. I can run a couple hundred yards / meters after I warm up, or run down hill, but that's about it and I get used up pretty fast. I don't know how to increase that by jogging so much.

I'm getting the notion that I need to run to my limit and only run except for warm ups and cool downs. That's what I will be trying to work out here in the next few weeks. As you can tell, I'm processing through this.

At 54, it's a slow deal for sure with me physically but the gains so far say it's totally possible. I'll try some things and see what works.

I know I really don't want to be a long distance jogger. Imagine how long it would take to jog 26.2 miles / 42K at 16:00/mi 10.5min/K pace. I think that's about a 7 hour marathon. Everyone would be gone before I finished :-)

I need to be able to run.

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You have to get stronger to be faster. You could do some other sports to help with that, e.g. Swim, cycle, strengthening either at home or in the gym. Watching your weight helps too 🙂🏃💪. I use Jillian Michaels,DVD"s 🙂

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gdcgrayGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, As it is said in the UK, I have another stone to lose. I have lost 25 pounds since I started this, I guess that's a stone and a half. And, yep, I am doing my work outs at home. Getting stronger a little at a time. Tomorrow, vacation s over and I start with a leg work out that makes me sore for three days. The next day core and upper. The next day RUN :-)

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Many congratulations! On the graduation and that cake - brilliant - and inspiring that you're not just heading to the couch😉

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gdcgrayGraduate in reply to Gillma

Thank you Gillma

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Also, by keep running those hills, you get a really good core workout 😃

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