Wow - PB's for 5, 8 and 10k today

Wow - PB's for 5, 8 and 10k today

Not sure what to say really. The intention today was to try and do a sub-38 minute 5 miles (8.05k) - I hadn't run at under 5 min/km pace for 2 weeks. For the past month or so, the pattern has been:

Monday - 2 runs (1) 8am: treadmill interval session (longer efforts at 5k pace) (2) easy jog with C25k beginners at lunch

Wednesday - longer lunch run, eg 9k at 5 min/km

Friday - similar to Monday but the intervals are 1 min and up to 16.6 km/h.

And there we are. 

10k @ 46:36 - PB by approx 2.5 minutes

8k @ 37:06 - PB by approx 2 minutes

5k @ 23:11 - PB by 20 seconds (23:31) - but wasn't trying for that to be honest.

Note that my TomTom Cardio Runner watch under measures distance by anything between 1.2 and 2% - so I've taken the 'correct' distances points from Google Maps - my trusted 'gold' standard. Hence the detail in the picture :-)

Here's the run on Strava:

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  • Wow, that;s a good day at the office :)

  • Thank you - and it wasn't planned either!

  • Wow I can only dream of stats like that!  Good one!

  • Thank you Lisa. I seem to be naturally speedy compared to some, but it's all relative. I know a few who can do 5k in around 15-16 minutes. Can you imagine?? #faints

    I'm following your posts and I know you're going to be just fine with W5R3. You'll be fabulous, trust me :-)

  • Amazing stats there! You must be extremely chuffed and no doubt walking around with a huge smile on your face! Well done🙂

  • Thanks Sandra - drinking Stella and munching tasty crisps :-)

    I know you're quite speedy yourself - how's your running coming along?

  • Not too bad for a woman of a certain age (well, 50 actually!). My 5k pb is down to 26:59 and my 10k (on a trail) is 1:01 and something! Have two 10k events in May (and am seriously petrified!) especially of the first, which is an undulating trail run😮 - what was I thinking!!

  • I'm only a few years younger than you ;-) so 26:59 is outstanding and you'll improve that in time, as you will your 10k time. Don't worry about the hills - conserve your energy on them by taking tiny steps & going very s l o w ;-)

  • Well done John!all you pbs are brilliant -congratulations on a great run!😊

  • Thank Ali! I was a little unexpected but very satisfying nonetheless. Have a great Easter!

  • Blimey John, that is even faster than a racing snake ! :-)

    Well done ! xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! No idea what a racing snake is, but it sounds fast :-)

  • It means a very fast runner John, thats you , you are even faster than a racing snake :-)

    Where's my smiley's gone ? :-)

  • Wow! Good going! Best I've done is PBs for mile and km in the same run! 

  • Whoosh!! Are you sure you weren't wearing roller skates? Great times there, John. Well done!

  • Gotya!! I've come back as these forums are all so connected!!! I had to find this to find out and blimey they are stonking PB's...absolutely amazing. What is your HM PB?? 

  • Thanks :-) And welcome back.  Furthest I've run is 12.3k, so no HM time as yet. But predictors put me at about 1:45.

  • That's my target for September... I plan to do a sub 2 hour HM, and I am going to do a proper training plan for once!! It's quite hardcore.

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