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Week 3 day 2

Went for a run Friday had a good one struggled a bit but managed, my problem is I live in the peaks Derbyshire so every run encounters a hill to walk up first and then I'm jumping over tree roots it's more like cross country, The dog loves it I also in the week dog walk another he's not too keen on the running .

Also I've lost 5lb in weight . Yippee it's been hard , gone off track a bit Saturday, I try an average 10,000 steps a day plus run 3 times a week, does anyone else have problems with couch to

5 k as it doesn't seem to be able to count runs properly I've run far more than it registeres . Will have a run this morning hopefully have a good day 👣

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Oh boy, I don't envy you having to run on hills. It is difficult as it is when you are starting. Then when we are fit, then I will envy you because it must be beautiful. I live near Pennines and love being there as much as possible but am not ready to jog up and down then yet. Well done for losing some weight too. Sorry, I cannot comment on the app because I don't use that.

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Which app are you using :)


Well done :)

it sounds as if you are doing wonderfully :)

Many of our friends, and our Graduates on the forum live in Derbyshire... check out some of the posts :) Anniemurph and GoogleMe are just two... :) Also...

If you really want to be inspired check out misswobble 's post on Marathon Support.. with a clip of a run she is about to tackle... oh goodness :) !!

Many of us cope with hills... the trick is.. you learn to love them :) You embrace the hills as you do the weather here in the UK... I am not too far away, just in the Staffs Moorlands:) I have a few inclines... :) I am not calling them hills, since I checked out misswobble's post :)

Are you using the NHS linked app

Not aware of counting issues?? Someone may have had the same problems though :)

Which week are you on now? Keep posting.. this is such a great place to be :)

Enjoy your run... I am just heading out now :)

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@Oldfloss is right, I'm in similar parts (my profile photo is the view from my bed) and have become quite expert at finding flattish places to run - and there are quite a lot really with the rivers and the Edges. But at least we're going to get a lovely view as a reward for our hill work!

I think there must be some new feature of one of the associated apps which ticks off the sessions? Or do you mean whatever you are using as your step counter doesn't register running as running. My Fitbit nearly always says I've been for a walk instead of a run. I really don't know why I call her my purple friend, she's so rude. My heart rate (as measured by the same Fitbit) knows the difference though.


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