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Things I love about couch to 5k

For anyone thinking of starting the program, apart from the obvious, being able to run I have also found the following benefits:

1. This wonderful forum

2. Getting fitter so I don't feel out of breath just walking up the stairs

3. Losing weight and getting into clothes I haven't worn for ages

4. Adopting a healthy eating regime, as soon as I started the program I knew I couldn't carry on eating as I was if I wanted to run

5. A brilliant way to destress after a bad day at work

6. Spending more time with my running buddy, my dog 🐶

7. Enjoying the great outdoors, even embracing the rain!

I'm sure there's plenty more benefits too 👍👌😬😆😄👟

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Yes, all of this! I'd add:

8. Being able to run for a bus or up lots of stairs much more easily!

9. Getting into an upwards spiral where you feel good because of running so you do other things you need to do, reinforcing the feeling of achievement


Definitely agree with those, it certainly makes you feel you can do other things 👍


...yes...for us... letting us share your great journey and your posts... Thank you..x


This forum is just the best , great people like yourself willing to share your experiences and encourage others 👍☹️😁

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Yes to all of the above but especially number 6. Love love love my running buddy, she keeps me going when I want to stop!


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