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W5R1 (Fields) ✔ .... even I couldn't have failed to enjoy being out in the fields in glorious but not blazing hot sunshine this afternoon. Perfect conditions. It was painfully slow (I know, it's supposed to be!) but not too hard, with the third running leg easier than the first.

8 Replies
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Like, like, like!!

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Wowser! Terrific David 👍🏼

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Like you I did week 5 run 1 yesterday evening and loved it. My breathing was comfortable and I enjoyed the run basking in the evening sunshine whilst away with work in Galway. It was nice running away from home along a coastal track. Looking forward to getting out again tomorrow evening.

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davidhwynnGraduate in reply to damienair

Good luck tomorrow - I won't get to W5R2 probably until Monday next week. I'm in a beginners running group near home so that's tomorrow evening spoken for (I know, tomorrow should be a rest day for me anyway, so I'll be shouted at!), then it's Saturday for my birthday Parkrun (well, walk!) ... I promised myself I'd do another this Saturday (it will be my third, they're fun). It's a very strange thing for me to say, but I quite envy you having a go at W5R2 tomorrow!

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Good to hear.

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You're doing great! Well done, and happy birthday when it comes :) .

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Told you so! 😄

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Enjoying it? Whatever next?

Seriously that's really great news, I'm so pleased its all coming together for you and will think of you on your park run this Saturday. I'm still plodding along on the treadmill W2R3 tomorrow. I did W2R2 yesterday and it was ok. I'm even managing to up the speed a fraction from first time round. Once I've cracked being able to run for 20 minutes or so, I might talk to my PT about transferring to running outside. x

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